Yesterday I was reading over at Design Mom where I discovered the round loom. Well, it looked so cool that I decided we had to have a set so the boys could learn how to make gifts for their friends. So we headed over to Michael’s last night after a trip to Costco.

Now don’t worry about these boys and their masculinity. They wrestle and beat their shirtless chests and tackle each other and are learning to play ice hockey. And these are very masculine little sewing and knitting projects. Besides, I’ve heard it’s all the rage in a local Jr. High for boys to knit their own toques! So we’re just giving them a head start on being hip and not letting the fact that they know needlework affect their manhood.

I had also had an idea for a gift that my 7 year old and I could work on for Daddy, a change holder.

I was so proud of him. He worked really hard on it and is so excited to see Daddy open it on Christmas morning! Daddy, by the way, is not allowed to read my blog until after Christmas!

We worked on it together, though he did most of it and were able to finish it in just over an hour! A quick and rewarding project!

Here’s the back of one that I made for someone…

We are having so much fun. Now, when you see these pictures don’t assume any grand things about how crafty I am… you couldn’t be further off the mark. I am not naturally crafty at all. My sweet sister got all those genes. But I have learned to fake it pretty well.

Here is the hat that my five year old is working on. Thanks Design Mom for introducing us to the knitting loom! It really is the coolest and easiest thing to use!

Oh and don’t imagine that all of my children have super long attention spans. While this is true of my oldest, it is not at all true for my 5 year old who is attempting to weave the hat for his best friend’s birthday. I am having to redirect his attention about 14 times a minute and am taking turns working on it with him. But still, it’s a fun project to work on together.

Okay, off to help someone with his loom project and check on my oldest boy’s progress with his next project! (Yes, he loved it so much last night that he decided he is also going to make Dad a cell phone holder!

6 thoughts on “We've been inspired!

  1. ok… you are seriously impressive. I can’t even imagine trying to teach my kids these skills… I don’t even know these skills!

  2. supercool! You could join the ranks of the crafty (I mean that in the nicest possible way).I’m using your blog as my guinea pig to test out this new OpenID login thing.

  3. I think that is so awesome. I love crafts and wish I had kids to teach. The people at my office are starting to see that I am a bit crafty myself.

  4. Just saw this post! (How did I miss it?) I’m so glad you tried the round loom. I think my daughter is addicted. I taught a group of women from my church how to use it at a class on “doing crafts with your kids” this morning. Such a great tool!

    design mom’s last blog post..Valentine’s on my Mind

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