Okay, I’ve been plugging my blog-buddy Ree since the day she started her now wildly popular blog pretty much. I was laughing as I commented on her blog today that I’ve always called her “my buddy Ree” on my blog when sending people over there but now, I feel like a lame bandwagon jumper and name dropper when I say, “my buddy Ree.” But you know what? I don’t care. She’s not changed a bit since then… she’s the same down to earth, hysterically funny, genuine and just plain nice person she ever was. Only now, a LOT more people know. So many, in fact, that her comments section feels strangely more like a fan club. But she makes everyone feel like they know her.

Anyways, of course, if you don’t already read her regularly (it will take about one day before you find yourself hooked) go over there now and see why she has been noticed by so many, to the point that she was featured on CNN Headline News today and has an article printed in the January issue of Good Housekeeping.

So what if I sound like a mindless sheeple. A follower. A roady. I don’t care. I’m just too dadgum proud of her achievements to care what I sound like.

You deserve it Ree.

10 thoughts on “I am so dang proud…

  1. Nan, I am with you I just love Ree. I think I found her through you. I think she is the funniest. Thank you for the note. It is hard and with the holidays even harder. But my mother taught me how to be a strong woman.Sarah

  2. I’m so proud of her, too. How fun to say that we knew her way back when…I didn’t know she’s in Good Housekeeping! I’ll have to look for that!

  3. Thanks for sharing Nan and congratulations to Ree. All the attention is well deserved. I’ve been reading her blog since the day you invited me to yours..lol

  4. it’s been an amazing thing to watch.I still read – I just don’t comment anymore because I don’t have time to read elventyjillion comments to make sure I”m not repeating stuff.. ha

  5. I know… isn’t it amazing? I remember the first photo contest I entered had about 200 entries, and I was just in awe of that. The latest one had what, 4,000??? It’s nuts! But she IS awesome and we are all proud of her. This post is a great tribute.:0)~Maria

  6. Totally with you on this, Nan.Not that I’ve been with her since the beginning at all. Or can claim to really know her well even through cyberspace connections. So that makes me even more of a groupie fan person.But, ya, you go right ahead and plug her.

  7. Count me in as a Ree groupie too! LOL! Thanks to you, I enjoy Ree’s sense of humor every day and love it! You go Ree! Saw her yesterday on CNN and now will have to look for her in Good Housekeeping!

  8. I think we’re all guilty of the shameless plug. I’ve done it, too. I’m forever grateful to Sunshyne, for her direct to introduce me . . .it’s the least we can do, our here in the blogoshpere. We have to stick together and support one another. That kinda thing.Meanwhile, you’ll be glad to know I’m pretty tickled with your site. Since following that “NancyPants” link on Ree’s site (in part because I call all my friends named Nancy “NancyPants”) I’ve been back a-plenty. Your photoshop is coming along nicely. Your boys are right on target age-wise, and your hubby? One lucky guy. :)Between you, Ree, and few others, my world is a warmer, cozier place. 😛

  9. Awww Angi, you really made my day! And I needed it made. I woke up sick and feeling less than splendiforous. Thanks for the kind compliments!

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