Boxing Day?

It doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? And yet, that’s what we have. Yesterday it was sunny and bright and happy. And what a lovely day it was.

Today, Boxing Day here (and in any other country with the Queen on their money), and it’s very Christmassy (how do you spell Christmasey anyway?) and snowy and white. Although since moving here we’ve yet to really have a white Christmas so I suppose it’s not very Christmasssssy at all, just very Boxing Dayee. Or something. I have a feeling that the hit song by Bing would never have etched itself permanently into the minds of Christmas revelers everywhere had it been penned the way I’m singing it today though. Just a hunch.

Yesterday was a lovely day though. The monkeys were an immediate hit and since every time in the last six months my kids had asked me what they were getting for Christmas, I had told them “flying monkeys” they were wide eyed with amazement that I had actually told the truth… and they had persisted in doubt! Ha! That’ll teach ’em!

However, true to form, we have never ever ever ever ever bought anything that came ready to use out of the box. We have always had to take or send it back for a working replacement or had to send away or go back to the store for an inevitably missing part. Yesterday was no exception. Though we had tested out the Wii over a month ago to make sure it was in working order, yesterday it worked only sporadically and kept coming up with an error message (which when looked up online delivered the sinister message that it was indicative of a problem with the console.) **sigh** Oh well, suffice it to say, we have learned through this happening so routinely to us that we must hold very loosely to our things. For they are indeed very fleeting…. so fleeting in fact that their lives with us sometimes are seem but a blip before they are snuffed out.

So today I’m sure we (as in, not I) will get to spend a few hours on the phone with a friendly Nintendo employee.

Still, the day was lovely and was spent with dear friends who managed to make it through an entire day with our loud raucous bunch! We love them for it… for we know, that is a form of torture treat that only family might normally be subjected to delighted to share in.

Thanks Karen and Jonathan for spending Christmas with us! Thanks for the lovely American food gifts (we ate Wheaties for breakfast!! Yay!!!) Thank you for the yummy breakfast and the delicious spinach dip and for helping make it a delightful day! Thanks for being family to us! We love you both!

2 thoughts on “I'm dreaming of a white….

  1. Hey Nan, when you call that Nintendo employee, what language will he be speaking? Ahhh…longing for the days when I can fight with customer service over the phone in English and not end up crying because nobody will habla mas despacio to me.Love you. Feliz Navidad de Peru.

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