This is just me having fun with Photoshop after spending half of the day watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. Can I just say how much I love YouTube? I love it. A lot. It’s a beautiful thing. To coin a Reeism, I think I want to marry it and have its babies.

Here is my big boy and his monkey, named Fred. Fred has found a nice little place on his boy’s back.

Before Photoshop
BandMonkey Original

B and monkey PSD

I took these pictures back in September I think… Now this was just my practice at retouching photos. These ladies are just beautiful in the before pictures… just to make that perfectly clear!





L Retouched

Thanks for letting me share what I’m learning. It’s crazy what can be done with Photoshop. Freakin’ crazy I tell ya.

Editing to add my project from this evening. I’ve been wanting to make a poster for my little brother. A poster of him skating. I took several pictures of him skating this past Summer. Tonight I turned…


into this:
Matt Skate Poster

Merry Christmas Matt.

8 thoughts on “More fun with Photoshop…

  1. Gracious, you ain’t kiddin’.I’ve never delved into photoshop. But, it seems like everyone is into it now. And, wow, look what you can do with it!

  2. Oh Nan, I am so jealous! I use PhotoImpactPro & I gotta start saving up for Photoshop. I’ll just ask you for help when I get it. Get down with your bad self, you photoshop goddess you! ;)Love to ya!

  3. How cool is that poster? I am loving Photoshop, too — I never thought of going to You Tube for tutorials! I just learned how to do animated gif files the other day, and have been entertaining everyone with goofy Christmas photo animations with everyone. Great stuff!

  4. The poster effects are ROCKIN’, girl! Love it! :)(and that flying monkey found himself a very nice landing spot, thankyouverymuch!) 🙂

  5. Nan,That is very cool. I want photoshop next now that I have my new Nikon D40x. Tell me, is it really worth the money. And you are right, your friends are beautiful before retouching.

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