Actually two…

I’ll give you two hints…

SheNANigan Desginsheader



You see, so far it’s just been child’s play but one day I hope to actually turn photography and web design into little sources of income and maybe eventually full fledged careers when my kids are grown. I’ve been practicing very basic blogger template customization with things like this and this. And on nights when I’m not doing this or this or this, I have my little blue headphones on and am taking training courses in Dreamweaver essentials (which is for web design).

Is it bad to want to be a jack of all trades and a master of just some? As mentioned before craftiness does not come naturally to me but I love learning new things and trying new things. And my husband, being the right brained artsy type himself, also enjoys trying his hand at different crafts. We have a little idea brewing to one day open a little Etsy shop, just as a fun little place to sell some bits and pieces of creativity. It would be fun if the children could sell their stuff there too as well some day.

So, today I made banners that represent these little dreams. Who knows. One day maybe they will sprout wings?

8 thoughts on “I have a dream…

  1. So, do you have to have Photoshop to create a blog header? I am trying to figure this out and am not good at that stuff. It’s good to have dreams and interests. It is what keeps us going, you know!Melissa

  2. Oh NP, I’m so excited for you! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you spread the word about your new biz! Very cool.Love to ya, FP

  3. Thanks Fussy! At this point it is still a dream! But I’ll let you help me spread the word when the time comes. Might be a while though… :^D

  4. Someday you’ll be successful like “pioneer woman” and I’ll say, “I knew Nan when…..” Thanks for using our blog to experiment and learn! MB

  5. i enjoy playing around with it too. though i haven’t learned very much. i hope you do get a chance to take your show on the road.

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