I seem to have forgotten to mention how the big gift went over with the kids. First, I have to say that I was really proud of the kids because though they had very few gifts to open, they didn’t complain. In fact, our gift opening time lasted about ten minutes at the most. It was so nice!

But the big gift, though yes, we are waiting on a replacement from the Nintendo people and haven’t really been able to enjoy it yet, did go over very well. And the kids don’t seem to even realize right now that other than their monkeys they have nothing to show for Christmas, if you don’t count the non-working gift!

But really. It did go over very well. Just look at these faces.



3 thoughts on “I forgot to mention…

  1. How frustrating to wait on a replacement! We,too, dived into the Wii throng this Christmas and are having a blast with that thing!Due to the $ nature of our two hooligans'(14 and 12) big present each, there was one wrapped present per hooligan under the tree this year(the Wii and an Ipod Touch)–they were totally cool with that one present and their stockings. I did warn them of ‘one wrapped present’ due to it’s expensive nature and they were even more excited lol.Can’t wait for y’all to give the Wii a go!~~

  2. Oh yeah. and the ever-flowing stream of food-conscience statements, usually derogatory in nature, that tend to get my dander up. Most often while I still have flour on my face.Thank goodness for the DadPolice, enforcing Respect Your Mother and The Time She’s Spent Cooking. 🙂

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