Happy New Years Eve y’all! Hey, I did almost 6 years in Texas. I’m allowed to say y’all still right?

Several months back I was the lucky winner of a Mod*Mom giveaway for a Kaboost, the most intelligently designed booster EVER! We love it. Currently it is underneath the toddler chair that my two year old sits in. This brings the already slightly higher than your average chair chair to new and better heights! He is right up on the same level as everyone else! The Kaboost is seriously the best booster design ever because not only does it attach to the bottom of the chair, boosting from below rather than above, it has nice grippers so the chair doesn’t slip, it holds securely to just about any chair you can attach it to and wonder of wonders IT FOLDS UP so you can take it on the go!!

This thing is perfect obviously for those who have children but it is perfect for you if you ever have people with children over for a meal now and then. It is perfect for Grandmas who don’t necessarily want to keep a high chair in the house. It’s far more stable than your typical booster seat (I’ve always found them to be too wobbly.) The ones that attach to the chair and have a tray always seem so tight that I can barely close it over my two year old without pinching his belly. The Kaboost takes care of both of those problems!

We love our Kaboost! So I am super excited to be able to offer ONE FREE KABOOST to one lucky winner as well as a 20% discount code to all Life is Like a Lunchbox readers! Wahoo!! Thank you Kaboost!! You can’t help but win yourselves several more happy Kaboost owners!

The Kaboost discount code is “kaboostday”! Go forth and buy yourselves one of these (if, that is, you are not the winner of this contest.) We plan on keeping ours around forever and pulling it out whenever we have little people visiting even when our own little people are no longer in need of kaboosting!

To enter this contest, just leave a comment on this post (You can enter once a day!!!). Any comment! I am leaving this contest open until January 7th at midnight! Anonymous comments will not be thrown in the hat (ie. random number generator) so leave a Name AND an E-mail Address or blog address/link!

Happy New Year y’all!!

95 thoughts on “Surprise!!! New Years Giveaway!!

  1. I remember your excitement when you won it! Looks like it hasnt worn off.My little nephew would just love to have it. I have never seen one in the shops here.

  2. I have never seen anything like this before! I definitely need one for my daughter who has decided she needs to sit in a chair like the rest of us.

  3. I really want to win one of these. My 2 year old won’t sit in her highchair anymore, but she’s too short for the big people table, still. The Kaboost sounds perfect!

  4. Wow! Another great giveaway! Please enter me in your wonderful contest. Thanks very much…..Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com

  5. I would love to win a kaboost. I have two booster seats, but they are not secure enough for me to feel comfortable with them. They also do not lift the child high enough to use the table, so the tray has to be used, which is a pain, and separtes the child from the family. I would keep one around forever, too, because I have 7 kids. I expect that by the time I no longer have a toddler I will have toddler grandkids in a stead stream.

  6. Not the prettiest of things but if it keeps my youngest from standing on the chairs all the time then I’ll try it.

  7. Please enter me in this contest. It sounds like a wonderful thing to have!Karenwww.homeschoolblogger.com/salt

  8. Great product and a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! Shandawww.Parentswithstyle.blogspot.comwww.Lemon-Kisses.comLemonkisses.com

  9. Hi…Not sure what time zone you’re in but I am in California so I wanted to enter for today! : )jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  10. Hi, I’m Melki’s mother and I’m going to buy two of these for use by my grandchildren when they visit. I wish I’d thought of such a clever idea. I could retire!

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