If not for looking back and looking forward? (Edited because I had to come back and add pictures!!)

In January I turned 30 and lived to tell about it. I posted a random list of things that have gone into shaping who I am, I told you to beware of three year old boys who claim to be doctors, I posted about how awesome internet buddies can be when they do real life things, about fond memories I have of heaving handfuls of raw chicken fat at my friends and siblings, and I mourned over the state of “Christian entertainment.”

100_3669In February I posted schooly things that my kids and I had done together. And I Oh So casually mentioned in passing about my brush with fame. I very nonchalantly mentioned that I was getting just a wee bit tired of winter whiteness. I also informed you about a new craze that is sure to sweep the nation, potato voodoo. 38093254In March I told you about my first car. Man, I loved that thing. I told you about how I’m an incurable practical joker. I blogged about really boring things and laughed at how women can blog about nothing anything and still get comments. And then I mentioned how bizarre parenting can sometimes be and also, in poem form, how much I love my toddler for his rascally ways. hp_scanDS_73312213014.jpgIn April I started a Meme about our favorite toys from childhood. Lots of participation and pictures there and a fun trip down memory lane! I posted about how sterile and safe childhood has become and how I sort of wish we could go back. Sort of. And I blathered on about how pastors’ wives are not what they used to be either, in many cases. And then I commanded you to go on dates with your kids. Oh, I also mentioned how my name is on the cover of a book. cfKEYIn May I posted about a poo poo head that I had seen on T.V. I talked a lot about aprons. Aprons. Aprons. Aprons. And more Aprons. I was pumping up my first ever giveaway…. and WOW, I did it with a bang! I told you about the most putrid and jaundiced looking meal I’ve ever served my family. And on my 10th anniversary I posted wedding pictures. And I also mentioned how crazy it can be to live in the Frozen North! hp_scanDS_74116223932In June I hosted the world’s first ever and only Apronpalooza!! And it was so much fun. Though I didn’t sleep much that week. When the apron fest was over I had to share my excitement about a new addition to the family. And then, probably as a knee jerk reaction to having just gotten that new addition to the family, I posted about how I needed to tighten the financial belt and it seems a lot of you knew right where I was coming from. I introduced some of you to a new word that is oh so fun to use and I cried like a baby to all who would listen about how my diamond suddenly disappeared, never to return. Apronpalooza POST BUTTONIn July our family went to California and I got my new camera. My blog changed forever after that. Seriously. I love that camera. I posted pictures on the first day I got it! I posted some of my favorite YouTubes and updated you more on our vacation… and of course posted more pictures and specifically, pictures of The Golden Gate Bridge. Oh and I mentioned what can go wrong (or should I say GONG?) when you take four boys to a museum of modern art. And I would be terribly remiss if I failed to remind you of my Ode to Bubba Teeth and how I really like to show my husband that I love him as well as how to feed a man. DSC_0022In August I hosted a super fun Summer Soap Celebration and gave away some super cool prizes! I introduced you to the ever loveable Woofy. and again was inspired to write a poem in honor of my sweet baby boy. And I pestered you all for an opinion on which photo to enter into a contest which I did not win. soap button LARGEIn September I posted twice about how much I love pulling teeth. Weird, I know.
I posted pictures from a little nature hike we took as a family. And I showcased my first successful try at taking portraits of my kids! I told you about my fun garage sale finds and then I shared a bunch of funny comic strips that my kids and I made together! I also made some of my favorite picture posts… all about the feet of bagpipers and kilt wearers and The Highland Games. 4boys2In October I posted about a real live new member of the family, Bruce, about our first real snowstorm of the season and about another family hike we took. And my favorite picture posts of the month are the ones from our day trip to Lake Louise and my kids eyes and funny faces. DSC_0035In November I bragged on my kid like any good Mom blogger does now and then. I embellished an otherwise really boring day, made all sorts of excuses for being a bad blogger, complained about how sick the whole family was, and posted about the humor and impossibility of trying to take a really classy Christmas picture of four boys and a dog. DSC_0019In December I blogged about how much I love my Pastor. I posted twice about how much fun it is to make pretend postcards with Photoshop. I screamed with excitement that I was in the finals for a contest at Ree’s blog as winning one of her contests is one of my life goals and has been since she actually gave away things that she pulled out of her closet or junk drawer! Lake Louise Postcard PracticeIt’s been a fun year! And as for looking towards the next year of blogging… well, I don’t dare. It’s just as much a surprise to me as it is to anyone who happens to stop by! Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you make my place a regular stop! Happy New Year to you all!

4 thoughts on “What is New Years for?

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours! I stop by every day for visit. Not great at leaving comments though (sorry). I hope y’all are doing well (I can say that to since I’m from KY!)melissa

  2. Happy New Year sweety! Blessings to you and your beautiful family. I hope this year is as much fun as the last.PS. Good luck winning one of Ree’s contests. The odds are getting harder and harder I generally dont even enter any more LOL. At least you managed a mention! Thats an award in itself.

  3. I enjoyed following you thru my google reader, and I SO loved doing apronpalooza with you! Maybe we can do a joint apron thing-y this year!

  4. Oh my goodness! That FAIRYTALE LAND KEY! Did you ever go there? I think that’s the same place we went when I was a kid and lived in CA one summer. I’ve thought about it often and wondered if it still existed. Your key image brought it all back. It really felt so magical to have that special key that did wondrous things.

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