It’s nose to the grindstone day. It’s get back to “normal” day. It’s happy pleasant everyone loves each other day. It’s back to the joy and heart-pounding thrill of learning day. It’s pain and suffering because my brain hurts day. It’s thank God for some structure again day. And so what if I’m still in my pajamas. The kids are all dressed and have their noses in their books (or coloring pages as the case may be.)

My oldest son is having a hard time waking his brain up from this dormant period. He just told me, “We shouldn’t have Christmas break anymore. It kills my brain so I can’t think anymore.” Yes, but dear… no Christmas break kills Mommy’s brain. And you don’t want that to happen to Mommy’s brain do you? I didn’t think so shnookums.


Here’s The Pastor teaching our middles about life in early Crete. Scary Minotaurs and bull jumping and all that wonderful stuff.


Here they are coloring their pages and eating up every word of it. The five year old has to ask a question after each sentence is read so the lesson tends to last a while.


Here’s my oldest and my youngest learning multiplication by 5’s together. How cute. I’m betting some of my fellow homeschoolers recognize Mr. Demme’s arm there.

When do you go back to “normal” after Christmas break? What does your normal look like?

(Can you tell that with all of these many questions at the end of my post I am trying to draw out a few more comments? It’s a shameless ploy I tell you! I can’t help it though. My hit counter says I get an average of 166 hits a day and only like 15 or 20 of those are me so I know you are out there. I’m telling myself that you are just a shy and quiet kind of bunch. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Either that or I’m really scary and only three of you think you can actually talk to me on a regular basis. So talk to me now and then! Otherwise it just starts feeling like a freak show… where I’m the manager and the agent and the ring master and the performing monkey and the bearded lady and the popcorn hawker and the main attraction all at once.) So basically, I’m saying, “Comment now and then so I know my hit counter represents more than three to six regular readers and 125 scary stalkers.” And if you are a scary stalker. Go away. Now. Buh bye. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out (or on second thought, please do.)

Gotta go get out of these p.j.s for pity’s sake. And teach my kids how to read and write and count and all that.

19 thoughts on “It's Back to School Day…

  1. Yep, I’m one of the 166 readers. It was our first day back to homeschooing after Christmas break as well. We’re starting off slowly, pacing ourselves. That’s just our way of convincing ourselves it was a productive day. But it was. Really. Oh, and I really enjoy your blog.

  2. We have not had our official back to school day yet. It seems pretty much from Thanksgiving until Christmas – school has been sporadic due to illness, family funeral, traveling and preparing for Christmas, dad home etc. etc.Maybe it will happen tomorrow. I know today I have planned to tally up the school hrs for my dd to see how we’re progressing thus far and when we are on target to complete for the year.

  3. Math-U-See….I love it. I wish I had found it sooner!We will spend a good 2 days kicking brains back into gear, I am a harsh taskmaster.I am sooooooooo ready for structure, a schedule, etc.What will I do for structure when the kiddos leave?

  4. I’m a stalker, but you ain’t gonna get rid of me that fast. :PI love how comfy learning looks in your home! Our kids go back next Monday .. bright and early .. and it’s not to soon for me. Hey, I may just practice being a homeschooler and print off some things for them to wake their brains up with.Which reminds me .. I had to chuckle at what your eldest said. Too funny!

  5. Awww!! You guys respond so well to begging, pleading, prodding and cajoling. I knew you existed and weren’t just fig newtons of my imagination.:^DHey Bossy lady! Nice to see you here! I’m about to make me a scarf like the one you wear in your picture. (In my mind you wear that every day you know.)Oh and Rach, (speaking of begging, pleading and cajoling) it’s been a rough re-entry. My oldest modified his descriptor of the condition of his brain matter after 30 minutes of school. His brain is now apparently the consistency of “lumpy cream of wheat.” I had no idea things had gotten so bad in that fuzzy little head of his.

  6. Ok, I’ll comment for you. I listen well on occasion. You bring up an interesting point about normal. What is normal anyway? See, this is something I think about a lot — my blog title is Redefining Normal. SO, what do you think about that? Is that what we do? Ok, feel free to ignore me in my fog of DayQuil / NyQuil hangoveredness (how’s that for a new word?).Today is back to “our” sorta normal, except I feel like I got run over by a semi or 2. Boys are doing some lessons to get into it again and working Legos in between. Yep, sounds good to me!melissa

  7. You pulled me in out of lurking. I too know how depressing it is to not see comments when you have a number of hits. So, here I am!Is your littlest using his toes to count by 5s in the picture? Too cute!The Park Wife

  8. What! You guys are back to school already? If the boys brain is mushy, Give him a longer break. Poor little guy! My brain is needing a rest as well. Christmas and New Year have got to be the most tiring holiday ever.One of the things I have learned to love about homeschooling is the ability to school or not to school at our leisure. Either way the kiddies are learning everyday so sometimes the total NO BOOKWORK works really well. They create their own fun and learn at the same time and its happy people all round.Down here, school is out for another month. We however, will be back into “the bookwork part” in a couple of weeks.BTW is the TV really teaching timetables? I did not know it could do this LOL. I generally teach it myself. Although I do try to make it fun and interesting.Okay is that enough of a comment? I do drop by as often as I can. But only generally comment if I have something to say. I will endeavor to say something more often, even if I do not feel the need. Okay?PS. If it were cold down here I would stay in PJs all day.

  9. You’ve talked me out of lurking, too. I’m here everyday, looking at your wonderful pictures and reading about your life up north. Your writing cracks me up!No homeschooling here, but I go back to work/school when classes resume next Tuesday. I’ll miss being home with my girls during the day, but I’m ready to get back into a routine again!

  10. Yes, holiday break can really mess with the brains. Looks like you guys are right back on track. PJs all day…sounds good to me!

  11. Karisma, we took off about a week and a half before Christmas so we are pushing three weeks now. Plus we had taken about three weeks off in October due to everyone being super sick. We are easing back in though. We’ll hit it hard on Monday. Oh and Mr. Demme explains things so much better than I do. I just let him at it. And then we sit and talk about it and work on it together until it sticks. So we watch the video together and I help with the first page and then he will do the next page (or pages) alone. I lurve Math-U-See. :^DThanks again y’all for piping up to let me know you are there! I don’t usually (I think I’ve done it maybe once or twice before) beg for comments and I feel like a Looohoohooser for doing it but hey, it worked and now I know that at least, what… 9 of you are real people. ;^P It was either do a shout out or start taking lots and lots of close up pictures of belly button lint and toe jam just to see if it would get a rise out of anyone (or… umm… bore them to tears and make them leave for good or make them vomit and then leave for good.) I’m really glad I didn’t go that route though.

  12. Ooo your shameless ploy worked, Nan..impressive! :pUm, normal? What’s normal? Could you define that please? Really, I don’t think we have anything like that here.However, *tomorrow* will be our back to business day. Though, I plan to ease us into it. We’ve been off since the Thursday before Christmas. And have all been sick SINCE Christmas. Ugh!So, I plan to allow a couple of warm up days. Math and handwriting..anything else is icing, kwim?Then Monday will be “the” day. Oh boy. Mondays are always bad here. I don’t expect that one to be any better.Oo I recently opened a Hershey’s Kiss with the tag “I hate Mondays” … I think I’ll set one of those out for each of the kids next week heeheeAnyway, um, I’ll try to let you know how our back to ‘normal’ day goes…both our easy version and the full-on version.I have a feeling yours is going to look rather calm and collected. Your boys look so blissful there learning.Mine will be covered with scowls and furrowed brows. heheAnd hey..does this mean I now have permission to beg and plead for comments on MY blog too? hmmm ?

  13. are stalkers always scary? or am I just procrastinating starting school again?btw, how DO you spell procrastinating? LOL

  14. Hey! It’s your sister! I felt sorry for you… You sounded rather desperate!!! So, I figured I’d see if I could even enter the comment section (our block used to block it…), and “wa-la!” here I am! I love your blog! In fact, Alaina spent 20 minutes the other day perusing!Love ya!Sandy

  15. ROFL Sandy! I did sound purty desperate didn’t I? What can I say… maybe it’s a girl thing, but I was feeling like the halls of the internet were starting to echo. While people come out in droves for the contests (can’t blame ’em! I do the same thing on some other sites!) sometimes I randomly get sort of weirded out by how many people are peeking into my life (even though I do this blogging thing very willingly!) and I don’t even have the first clue about who half of them are! Makes you sort of suddenly feel like this: 8^{ And then of course they respond to your pathetic pleas and you breathe a deep sigh of relief feeling that maybe the majority of them are not silently stalking you.:^DGood luck with getting back to whatever your version of “normal” is everyone!! Thanks for indulging my patheticocity today! Y’all are the bestest.

  16. Nope! I’m not a scary stalker. Sorry that I don’t leave comments, but I do enjoy reading your blog a few times each week. I’m an empty nester, former home-schooling mom of 4. Nothing too scary about that! ; )

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