I mentioned the other day that I’ve been working on personalizing some blogger templates for friends. And this evening I just got one of them up and going live! Hooray! So I have to send you over to….

Apronique Header 3-1

where you will find the lovely ladies, Kristin and Marilyn, of Apronique! Apronique is one of the wonderful apron companies I profiled during the big Apron bonanza back in June. They just recently started a blog and when I visited it I pestered sweet Marilyn to let me play with a new design. She very graciously allowed me to conjure up a few ideas and I’m so happy that she and Kristin both liked it enough to use it! Thanks Marilyn and Kristin for the practice!

So far, I am able only to personalize very simple blogger templates. Eventually I will be able to work serious magic like my friend and inspiration, Dawn at Barefoot Blogs. In the mean time, if you would like to have your blogger template personalized and you don’t mind letting a novice have at it, I will be happy to work for gift cards to my favorite establishments! Hee hee!

3 thoughts on “Well, I've been a busy little beaver…

  1. You have an interesting blog, and you are very good with graphics. Love all photos you have taken! What camera are you using (sorry, I sound too nosy, don’t I?). Very impressed with the quality of your photos 😉

  2. Love the brown and pink! Great job, Nan. I’ve been entertaining the thought of a personalized template for awhile now. If you’re interested send me the details.And thanks for the link today!

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