This morning came too early. My eyes found themselves being rubbed out of their closed state after a short night of Unisom induced slumber. My eyes were forced out of bed by two yelling and laughing scratchy little voices. My eyes bumbled their way to the bathroom and then stumbled down to big white rectangle where they usually spend the first ten minutes of their day emerging from REM and getting accustomed to the daylight. My eyes (with the help of my fingers, and probably very little help from my brain because it’s not really awake even though my eyes think they are) went to two of their two favorite places on the internet, here and here. Both ladies featured little moments of reality checks like this and this. My eyes laughed. They brightened. They felt that they might be able to face the day.

My eyes then ambled down the stairs with their best friend, my camera, because my brain (though it was not really awake) somehow knew my eyes would want it. My eyes have been taking pictures of my kids lately because they are the only things to take pictures of when your eyes have not been out of your house for days on end because there is nothing to do so much of the time (not counting the things that either include shoving on and tying up lots of boots that come fully equipped with knives on the soles and then falling on your face on the cold hard ice nor things that involve suiting everyone up in snowsuits, hats and mitts, taking it all off again for people to go potty, putting it all back on again, listening to the raging screams of people who can’t buckle up because they are too puffy with layers, going through an entire box of kleenex because cold weather tends to make noses run and packing up the dog because he really likes to go sledding and hasn’t gotten out much lately nor the things that involve walking aimlessly around the mall… when you don’t include those things, there is really nothing to do here.) Nothing to do so my eyes have been taking pictures of my kids doing things they do every day. Some day they will thank my eyes for these pictures.

Anyways, so as my eyes were fumbling around my kitchen fetching bowls and pouring milk and toasting bagels and telling people to sit down, my brain started to have a mind of its own and it ran away from my eyes and had one of those moments that Bossy was talking about. My brain felt the many crumbs on my unswept for 12 whole hours floor and my eyes began to imagine themselves on a beach, with the golden grains of sand under their feet and making their way between their toes. My brain could almost hear the ocean roaring and smell the rotting seaweed. And then my brain again met up with my eyes and suddenly reality returned sort of like it did for Ree, as my brain heard the sand stale bread crumbs from the night before and the cereal from two minutes worth of breakfast happening begin to crackle under its feet. There is nothing my brain hates so much as crunchy food particles beneath its bare feet in the morning. My brain realized that that smell was probably not the nostalgic aroma of putrid crustified seaweed but rather the full trash can, or perhaps, just maybe, the sink full of dirty dishes that didn’t get done last night because my eyes did not want to look upon them. And that sound that reminded my brain of the pounding waves? Just the caffeine part of it screaming to itself for its cup of coffee PLEASE!

So what do your eyes do when reality hits them like this? They take pictures of course. You know why? Because they really want to take pictures and your eyes have the sneaking suspicion that they aren’t going anywhere again today to see anything remotely interesting so the apples of your eyes are the only worthwhile subjects within eyeshot. And they really are worthwhile of course. And your eyes then tell your brain that these really aren’t such poor subjects, even if they did have to turn a blind eye to the dishes that are still in the sink to be able to focus long enough to take these pictures.








Yikes. Don’t mess with him before he’s had his Cheerios.



Why is this child eating a bagel so cute to me? I don’t know. But he has this curse upon his head simply because he is our last child, the curse of everything he does and says being incredibly cute. The first and the last child are the ones who must forever bear these burdens.



“Mom, what’s Riboflavin?”

“I don’t know honey, but it’s good for you.”

Okay, my eyes now need a break from staring into this computer screen. See ya later dudes.

9 thoughts on “This must be International Reality Check Day

  1. Oh I am so right there with you on the not going out much. It is now about 10 degrees F. outside right now and it is 1:45pm in the afternoon…it should be warmer! It is going to get up to the 50’s by Monday..which is just nuts..but living in New England we get it all. I love your photos so don’t ever stop posting them. They are all great! I wish my kids would eat all at the same time. My oldest will eat before I even get up most days. Then my 3 year old doesn’t eat much of anything..she had chicken nuggets for breakfast this morning! YUCK! Then the baby, well 1 year, 17 1/2 month old…will eat whatever I eat for the most She is a picker..she picks off of everyones plate! As for your blog headers they are all fabulous! Love them all! Oh and by the way..sorry I never got around to sending out your Chrismas card…I am really bad like that! I just cleaned off my desk and found your address. I am so good at loosing things on this massive thing taking up so much space in our living room! Hugs to you all! I hope everyone will be super healthy soon! Greta

  2. Those boys are so cute! And just look at the natural learning going on right at the breakfast table. He always looks like he is just soaking up information.”I don’t know honey, but it’s good for you.”My Latest is “Go Google it!” They just love to do that. So much more fun than the old dictionary!

  3. I know your partial and all but even I have to agree that your youngest really is a cutie. Love the way he enjoys his food.

  4. I make those same faces when I eat bagels.I love his eyes closed/ rolling around when lickin’ the cream cheese!

  5. Yes, Ma’am. I’m here, too.Just sometimes feel like I am intruding into your world by reading your blog – especially since I’m way over here in TN and you’re out west.My kids are suffering the intolerable (to me), icky feeling of cabin fever. I am going to get them out tomorrow if it kills all of us. They are very close to dancing on the ceiling!The picture of your youngest with the bagel is adorable – I’m sure it has nothing to do with the dab of cream cheese on his chin!

  6. What beautiful pictures!And you have such cute little fellows!Your blog always brightens my day! 🙂

  7. What camera are you using? You may have blogged about it, but I missed it. I am researching/looking for a new one and taking any advice/opinions. Do you find it cumbersome to carry a SLR versus a point and shoot with small children to herd? Just wondering as I also have small children to herd.

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