I Photo-shopped toniiiiight… (hat tip to this of course.) Not to mention I’m up too late toniiiiiiight.

Don’t mind me. I frequently get songs from various classic American musicals in my head and they come out at the most bizarre times. I’ve been known to break out in a rousing rendition of Oklahoma! on more than one occasion and I fear to tell you that there is video proof of this fact somewhere in my parents’ VHS archives. My poor children. They are doomed to be embarrassed by me for life. But it’s just so much fun!

Ahhh…. motherhood is wonderful isn’t it? You get to embarrass people as a rite of passage. It’s a beautiful thing. They should entitle motherhood, “How to Ruin Someone’s Life Without Really Trying” (hat tip to this) because as we all know, all kids who take Psychology 101 when they get to college come home on Christmas break and tell their parents all that they did to ruin their lives. And then of course still expect said parents to pay their tuition.

Where was I going with this? I was going somewhere, I promise.

Oh. Right. I Photoshopped toniiiiiight.

Had some little before and after pictures that I just had to share.

BUnretouchedEyesSilly boy wore his shirt backwards all day long and I only noticed when I was editing the picture. Scary, isn’t it?

Little boy blue’s eyes are just a little bit greenish now. Oh and look ^ I magically turned his shirt around!


CThumb unretouched

Yikes. Look at that grubby little mug. I think he wiped some tears away with his stamped hand.


There. Nice and clean. No water necessary.

7 thoughts on “Toniiiiight, toniiiiight….

  1. No water necessary; same as no “Mommy spit” necessary (does every mommy spit on their finger and clean their child off, or is it just my family?!www.fortburns.com

  2. Okay, that’s bizarre – I broke into that same song yesterday, except mine went like this:Tonight, tonightIt is lasagna night!Tonight there will beNoodles and cheese!Scary.

  3. As a mommy who’s kids are grown and gone, I’ve come to appreciate those pics with the tear stains.Photoshop may be fun but always remember the character of your pics.

  4. Melanie, I’d be all over that like white on rice! Seriously.Thanks rising rainbow! :^D Don’t worry, I have all of the originals safely stowed away! Jana – you are scaring me! ;^PDanabelleburns, I am so guilty of doing a spit job now and then. Usually while getting out of the car when heading into church or a restaurant or something. I hated it when my Grandma did it to me but far be it from me to break a family tradition!

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