Today I had a severe case of cabin fever. When I get like this I drive The Pastor crazy. The poor man. He is so good to me but sometimes I take him by the lapels (or whatever cloth is most handy somewhere about his neck) and tell him that I must get out of the house or I will go positively looney. Thankfully today is Friday and Friday is his day for running errands downtown. Sometimes after a long week of being stuck in the house the kids and I tag along on his jaunts and we try to do something fun to take the edge off of the raging beaver cabin fever. (Sorry, I once heard of a child who referred to a temperature as a raging beaver and I’ve never ever been able to forget it.)

So today we all took the jaunt downtown. It was lovely. A very balmy (by our standards) 44 degrees Fahrenheit. So you will henceforth for the next few days be treated to the pictures I took while on our little jaunt through our beautiful city.

After lots of head banging and brain racking (would someone please get me an ice bag for this headache already?!) I conquered the beast and learned how to make a GIF!! I was all ready to unveil it when I discovered, much to my chagrin that the file size was too large. You can send Thank You Notes to Adobe for that because I’m guessing it would have shut your system down trying to load it if I had managed to make it work somehow.

Fortunately there is always Gickr!

So as this post implies, this is my Ode to Buildings. Really cool buildings. And I certainly had fun playing with these! First off, this is what Calgary Tower looks like when you are sticking your head out a window with your camera pointing straight up. Just in case you ever wondered.

Secondly, this is what Calgary Tower looks like when you go stark raving mad crazy insane lock me in the looney bin and throw away the key nutso freako schitzo scary lady wacko with Photoshop.


Okay then. Calgary Tower. Check.

The following are some wicked cool pictures I took of buildings reflected in other buildings. Forgive me for how many there are. I just couldn’t stop myself.





If life were a Hitchcock movie, you’d be able to zoom into this picture and see someone being murdered in the building whose reflection we are seeing. I’m glad it’s not a Hitchcock movie. But now I’ve freaked myself out and I am going to have to go and zoom in on each one of these pictures just to make sure there’s no hanky panky going on.

Here are the same buildings when the lady who runs this blog goes ballistic with her Photoshop again.



That is all. Buh bye.

4 thoughts on “Ode to Buildings

  1. Ok. The first two pics remind me of centrepoint tower in Sydney. I do not do use…wait for it…… PHOTOSHOP! bLAH I use GIMP its free!

  2. Cool,you are having fun. I know the pent up crazy lady feeling. I work full time but I just need time to be crazy and vent.

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