So we’ve had a few discussions about human reproduction lately with the older two boys using science books from the library. We’ve had some really great conversations. Not at all “scary.” In fact we take joy in teaching them about these things, knowing that we are teaching them that sex is not only a really neat and wonderful thing but that it’s not something that they have to be afraid to discuss with Mom and Dad. We are doing our best to teach them that it’s sacred and private but also not something about which they can never discuss their thoughts and feelings.

Tonight we were doing our after dinner scripture reading (we are trying to read a little bit of Proverbs after dinner each night) which we always close up with prayer, and the boys are starting to take turns praying. It’s so neat to see them growing in this way. Even our two year old wants to pray. Tonight his went something like this, “God, pray. God pray. I love you Daddy. Thank you ice cream. Pray. God. Pray. AMEN!!”

Our oldest was the last of the boys to pray. His went like this, “Dear God. Thank you for loving us. And thank you for my conscience. Thank you for our family. And thank you that Mom and Dad are together and got to help you make us with that process. Amen.” Then, leaning in my direction with his hand cupped at the side of his mouth, he suffixed his prayer with a quickly whispered aside to explain his prayer before Dad could open his mouth to pray, “You know. The reproduction thing.” We managed to keep our facial expressions limited to closed lipped smiles so as not to come off like the dear lady to the right.

Then Dad closed us in prayer.

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard any other 7 year old thank God for the wonder of reproduction! Really, it wasn’t shocking at all. Just incredibly cute.

5 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Just getting caught up on your blog! Yep, I drop by daily (usually) but don’t always comment. I laughed out loud when I read your blog about all the visitors and little comments… so here I am – commenting to you… hee hee! Seriously though your blog was the very first one I came to while googling (topic I don’t remember now) and now I’m hooked on about 20 different blogs – it’s better than my newspaper and much more spirited when your blogging friends are sisters in Jesus! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Janeen!! You made my day! :^D (See how easy I am?!) LOLBlog reading and blogging does suck you in though doesn’t it? My husband was telling me to start a blog back in early 2005 and I scoffed saying, “Blogs are only for those who like to hear themselves talk.” I’m not saying I was wrong either. I’m just saying that if I was right I’m a total hypocrite! LOL

  3. THat is incredibly cute! I love it when they do stuff like that. My youngest was leafing through a book I had borrowed to read with the older one. He must have really been thinking about it for a while because one day in the van, out of the blue, he says, “So Mom, what’s that sex thing about again?” I came up with something that satisfied him. It is cute!So, speaking of comments — how can I get some on mine?Melissa

  4. Hey Melissa, I’ve actually tried to leave comments at your blog several times but Xanga always causes me grief. It’s probably because I can never remember my sign in information for Xanga and it never remembers me. I always end up having to reset my password.But here’s my comment for your latest blog:I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! Being sick as a Mommy is no good! My second also responds well to that kind of a challenge. :^) :^DOtherwise, there’s always begging and pleading and cajoling! ;^PActually several people have told me that they have problems either accessing my site or my comments section so I am intending to move over to WordPress one of these days. But I want to have a new design all lined up so I don’t have to use a prefab. thing. And I want to be able to change it up now and then without changing *everything*.Ramble ramble ramble. :^D

  5. That would be so hard for me not to bust up laughing at that. I’m glad you have more self control than me:o) Kids say the darnedest things.

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