Yesterday we met the Duck Family. I hope you didn’t believe a word they said to you. They’re nothing but a bunch of quack heads. Or so I was told. By a little bird.

This little bird.


This bird wanted me to let you all know that it’s really sorry for the poor lighting conditions that led to me having to do a lot of fill light and exposure tweaking (thereby making the branches abnormally purple). He wants you to know that he’s much cuter in person so not to judge him by these awful pictures. (They all say that.)

They do all say that. Only this time, he was telling the truth. They were much cuter in person. And much hoppier. Not to be confused with happier. They were very hoppy and the little turds (no pun intended) would not sit still for anything. Wildlife can be very pesky that way. Even supposedly civilized city birds.


Hey there li’l buddy. You got a little sum’n sum’n there on your beaky. A little snack you’re saving for later?

Am I the only one who loves the word beak and can’t stop at saying beak just once? Beak. Beak. Beaky. Beaker. Beaky. Beak.


Beak. Beak.

Okay. I think I’m done.




Hey! That’s not a beak! That’s not beaky cuteness at all. That’s a bird bum. Birds can be very cheeky. Despite their lack of umm… cheeks.

I’ve discovered something. They don’t exactly like being chased with a camera. Who would have known?


They are surprisingly very good at giving the old cold shoulder. Despite their lack of shoulders. Why, haven’t I ever told you about how my bird treated me? Very coldly indeed.


It really is one of my favorite words. So much so that I prefer to call the front of a baseball hat a beak as opposed to a bill. No offense to my duck friends.

These little birdies were quite busy gobbling up the last few remaining shriveled berries. Mmmm. What a treat.


Gobble gobble.


(he’s stopping to chew 100 times like his mother taught him.)


Mmmm…. Gobble gobble….

That’s a lot of gobbling for non-turkeys!

Thank you for this opportunity to use all of my really lame bird jokes that have no other place in the world. They are happy that they have finally found a home. They hope you laughed at at least one of them.

I couldn’t get this song out of my head the whole time I was putting this post together. So go listen if you want (and only if you live in the U.S. cause Rhapsody doesn’t like Canadians. Or Australians. Or anybody but Americans.)

8 thoughts on “Birds of My Neighborhood Part Deux

  1. But… but…. but….It’s not Monday yet! Are I supposed to post it before Monday? (yes, I meant to say “are” because I’m meaning to sound like a doofus.) :^D I’m still sorta new to this Fun Monday thing.

  2. Yeah I knew that! It is Monday down here though. He he. But I had to say something so you knew I had been.

  3. some of us post sunday night cuz we work on monday.But hey.. I enjoy the house sparrows. I had no idea they ate fruit. Really… they come to my feeder all the time, but I’ve never seen them eat the dried fruit I’ve put out to tempt some others.

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