Hello all you Fun Mondayers! This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by the lovely Lisa from Lisa’s Chaos. She has requested to meet all our pets.

Ladies always come first so I’ll first introduce you to Chewbacca. Yes, Chewbacca is a girl. She’s named Chewbacca

The boys had two names that they went back and forth on before finally settling on Chewbacca. The other name was Princess Petunia. I kid you not.

Chewbacca lives in a renovated Rubbermaid bin like this one. If you clicked that link, I’m really sorry about the music. Unless you liked it. Then I’m not sorry. At all.

Everyone likes her because firstly and most importantly, she does not bite like every other hamster I have ever owned has done. I’m more of a rat girl myself, but they are illegal in Alberta. Seriously. It makes the evening news if rats are found residing within the city. Alberta happily calls itself a “rat free province.” Oh, except for lab rats. Apparently they are not a threat. Sure, if they make their home inside your walls you could end up without any pipes. Or if they make their home in your hot tub, you may no longer have water coming out of the jets. But c’mon! They make great pets. But I digress.

We also like Chewbacca because

We’ve also recently discovered that

Who knew?

And now we come to our wonderful pooch whom I’ve mentioned quite a few times here. A pooch whose name some think must have come with him because who names a dog that?


I do. I like human names on dogs and cats. But I like Wookie names on rodents. Just wanted to make that ever so clear.

We adopted Bruce back in October from a family who didn’t have enough time for him. While they were wonderful people, I have a strong feeling that a guest in their home may have hurt him (most likely without their knowledge) because he is very nervous with guests. He doesn’t like them to make sudden moves like leaning over to get their drinks or flicking the pages of a magazine. But we hired a doggy behavioral therapist for his issues because we have guests here a lot. He’s coming along but whatever happened to him obviously left its mark on him.


He wasn’t so fond of our toddler initially either. But now he loves him and regularly smothers him with kisses and if he ever does get annoyed with him he just walks away and asks me to let him in his kennel. He really likes himself an afternoon nap in his kennel.

He’s also just a weeeeeeeeeeeeee bit OCD when it comes to anything round that looks remotely like a ball.


He’s your classic red head. Loves attention. Loves to have fun. Always making us laugh.


He also wants you to remember that his name is Bruce with an E. (Hopefully somebody knows what I’m referencing here.)

My favorite thing to do with Bruce is to take him sledding with us.

Go on over to Lisa’s Chaos and check out the other participants and their pets!

32 thoughts on “Fun Monday!

  1. Love all the pictures, but especially the one of the rat watching T.V….. that’s pretty hilarious!I also like the videos of the dog pulling the kids on the sled! Very fun!

  2. Bruce is a beautiful dog ! My son had a guinea pig when he was little and it was the boss in the whole house. The cat and the dog had nothing to say, it was so funny when he stood up and growled at cat and dog !I love to read Fun Monday today ! It’s so nice to see all the animals !

  3. Thats more like it! You are a born Fun Mondayer for sure! Over and beyond. I am glad to see that Bruce has settled in so nicely.And Chewbacca is very cute too. I cannot see why you are jealous of Rupert, he kind of looks the same as her, only shes a bit fluffier. Bewwy Bewwy cute!

  4. A post totally beyond the line of duty. I can see that your pets are much loved! That is how it should be.

  5. Ahhh, Nan, welcome to Fun Mondays :). Without a doubt, you will have had the most creative post of the day–I’ve never seen those gickr doo-flotchies, uber cool!And…..you get to have fun with photoshop! You’ve got some mad skill going on (and it looks like you’re having fun in the process). I like your furbaby names, rodent and canine give lots of reason to smile :). Ok…now I’m just having a little snow envy…our temps are supposed to break 70 today (and NO, that is NOT normal for Tennessee in January. Global warming anyone??).:)

  6. Bruce is adorable! Our first golden was auburn -not red! :)Can’t find them much around here, though, so the puppy is blonde (I just hope she has some of the same temperment.)We used to take the lab sledding (well, he took us!)Lisa

  7. i love your dog…i had one of those when I was a little kid…but he ran away alot…and one time for good…but did he love us kids.kerithkerithkontest.wordpress.com

  8. if he’s been out in the snow, mud, weeds, etc, he may have mud packed in his feet, or weed seed stuck between his toes. the weed seed can get infected and start to smell disgusting. cutting the fur out of the packed in mass and pulling out the seeds, using peroxide and let him lick is the answer. packed in mud you can either cut out or soak in a bucket, it should loosen enough to be pulled out then… check his pads for scratches, i havnet seen a golden pull on his feet yet that there isn’t something where it doesnt belong! good luck with that!

  9. Thanks li’l mouse. :^D It really is a nervous habit thoough. He does it when he’s stressed out. Vet even checked him out and said that it’s a behavioral issue. I frequently check his paws for problems (mostly because I worry he will chew himself to shreds) but there’s nothing in there. He has issues. But I love him anyways.

  10. I am with Robin, as I live in Tennessee and am hot. I have a bad case of snow envy. Mostly cause the kids don’t go to school if htere is any snow on the ground!The Flickr thing is way cool!!I am glad that Bruce is getting used to guests.

  11. You can’t have rats? That’s terrible! I think they make such nice pets.Although it looks like you have some nice pets already.

  12. Ok why haven’t I seen you on Fun Monday before?? Are you new or have I just been under a rock. It’s ok you don’t have to answer, I’m just talking to myself. I can’t believe I’ve missed a fellow Albertan who also participates in FM. That would make four or five of us now. Anyway! Chewbacca is priceless as is the toenail biting Bruce. Like people, I guess they all have their little quirks.

  13. OMGarsh, I found you again. My laptop betrayed me and with it, my links.I’ve got to get a better system in place. I know, I’ll put you on my bloglines!Sweet pets, btw.

  14. Great post! I love your pooch! My parents owned an Irish Setter, followed by a Golden Retriever, and your dog looks a little like both of them!

  15. You have a sweet big red head. I was watching the sledding thinking how I have never been my whole life. I need to remedy that at some point.

  16. The illegal rat thing is weird. I know this sounds weird to non-rat loving people, but they do make good pets. But the hamster is adorable and does seem very rat-like (in a good kinda way).

  17. I’m so happy that Bruce with an e stayed the course. He seems to be the perfect one for the boys . Oh the TV freaky chewbacca — that is the laugh-me-silly picture of the day no doubt.

  18. Love Chewbacca watching tv, she’s so cute! And Bruce is not alone on the whole chewing the toenails thing, Brodi does that when his need cut.

  19. Bruce is absolutely adorable!! And Chewbacca watchin’ TV…very cute. My favorite though is the sled dog!!

  20. My cat chews her nails sometimes. I thought she was weird but I suppose not. Well, she is weird now and then.Your pets are adorable. And so are you kids!

  21. Love the photos! Chewbacca is a great name!! Watching TV photo is awesome! Bruce is handsome and looks oh so sweet.

  22. Chewy is pretty cute and tame. Love the TV watching picture. Bruce is a real nice looking dog. And we must keep Alberta rat free. Glad they do it. Have you seen the movie Ratatouille? They have that part after the movie where they show rats everywhere except that one spot on the globe…Alberta 🙂 Go Oilers!!

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