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Today we took an afternoon field trip to the Science Center. We decided a while back to buy yearly passes so we could take the children there often and not feel rushed to get our money’s worth. I think it was a good choice. This was our second visit and the boys never want to leave.

As you might imagine I took lots of pictures.

In one area they have a whole stage set up for the kids to just ham it up. They have costumes and wigs, a puppet theatre, special sound FX and a touch sensitive control panel for the stage lighting. The kids had so much fun in there. Here’s my “baby” wearing a blazing red wig.

Cwig2 CwigIt was quite dark in there so I had to toy with the settings on my camera which still at this point scares the heck out of me because I really don’t know what I’m doing.

Here he is playing at a wall of spinning circles.

TwirlyWall2CHere is a picture of me taking a picture of my son and myself in a very strange mirror.

FunkyMirrorNOTPSDHere’s the same picture after I turned it into a really freaky science project in and of itself.

FunkyMirrorPSDDoesn’t it look like I’m taking a picture of him from another dimension? And he is (in an eery hollow echoing voice) calling, “Moooommy. Come baaaack Mommy. I miss you Mommy.” It looks like something from a Madeleine L’Engle book or something.

Here is a picture of the beautiful Bow River. I wanted to show you just how chunky it was… this picture doesn’t quite do that…

BowRiver1It’s like an enormous slushy. Here’s a better picture of the chunkiness. Try to look past that pesky fence.

BowRiver2And here are some gratuitous examples of motherly affection.

TJan7 TBWand

BJan7And now for something entirely different.

It’s been a while since I entertained you with a selection of search terms that led a few poor unsuspecting souls to my humble corner of Blogland. So without further ado (I hate the word ado but what’s a blogger to do?) I give you the latest installment of, “How they found me”…..

life is a lunchbox – Yes it is. I think we’ve established that with the big blazing banner over my blog. Just kidding of course. I have a feeling you may have actually been looking for me on purpose. (fancy that.) And I love you for that.

who is the guy on the aeropostale underwear box? – I have no idea but if you find out, I’m sure I could rustle up a few single girls who would care to find out. Me? I don’t need no stinkin’ underwear model. Who needs an underwear model when you’ve got a hot pastor in the house? And for the record, I never posted about the Aeropostale underwear models. Okay? I just posted about how I used to shop there in high school.
i love the stage – Me too. I think. I mean, I was in a school play in high school. Does that count? Or were you really thinking about how you love the stage of childhood your kid is currently in?

skidmore naked run – Um. Okay.

diaper pullup bed blog – This is how I’m known now? Great. I’m glad I have such a fab reputation.

demon cyclical vomitingIt is a demon. It’s of the devil. It’s from the bad place. It might as well be named Beelzebub Disease. It’s terrible and I hope you come up with a plan to combat the wicked thing. Fortunately our son has had a lot fewer episodes in the past 6 or 7 months.
picasso monkeys – Were you really looking for these? If so, you came to the right place! There they are, in all of their lopsided glory!
jeans that flatter saddlebags – Um… Good luck with that. Is there such an animal? And for the record, I never posted about this either. But I did post about some fashion trends that make me ill.

bubba teeth – Oh boy! Have you ever come to the right place. Once upon a time this humble blog was known as Bubba Teeth Mecca! Eat your heart out Mater!

The second half of this post has been brought to you today by the friendly people at StatCounter.com

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