^ That’s my Welcome mat, by the way.

Take a look around! I hope you like my new digs! I am loving working in WordPress, though the first day or so of getting acclimated just about did me in. I am adjusting and beginning to feel quite at home here.

I like it. It’s comfy. It’s modular. It reminds me of Ikea. Or something.

Feel free to let me know of any quirks or issues that are causing you trouble and I will try to remedy them!


17 thoughts on “Welcome to my new home on the web!

  1. Okay – got it! I’ve successfully updated all my links (at least, I think I remembered all of them…)

    I will once again be a regular reader.

  2. Oh thank you darling Dawn! :^D You are so sweet! My eyes are about to fall out of their sockets so it’s no wonder I didn’t notice! LOL

  3. Looks great, Nan! On my screen your welcome mat is invading the Blog of the Day space, but that might be my computer’s problem. It’s been known to act up now and again.

    Congrats on the successful move…now off to change my links!

  4. Anybody else having the center lopping over into the sidebar problem? I think it probably has to do with screen resolution but I want to make it work for everyone. :^D Also, can you all tell me what size font you are seeing? Is it super big, small or medium?

  5. Hey Nan!

    It looks wonderful, I love it. Now tell me how you did it. πŸ™‚

    I have been trying to move from Blogger to WordPress and am rady to shoot myself. Do I have to know HTML code?


  6. To answer your question, Nan: the center lopping over is fixed, and I’m gonna go with medium on the font size. Beautiful page! Very well done.

  7. I’m still seeing center pictures looping to the sidebar, and I’d say font size is medium to sort of largeish.

    Okay, is that even a word? I guess it is now!

  8. Hey Nan…nice to see ya over here on wordpress. Hope ya feel welcome and all cozy.
    I’ll go see what you’ve been up to the last few days…I’ve been offline 😦

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