Third children are the best. They are happy, cheerful, helpful, adorable, outgoing, shy at the right times, funny and intelligent. They really are all that.


I got to spend a little bit of time with my third child today and we had a blast looking out the window at the crazy swirly snow.


And who says that babies have the corner on the market of cute feet? Third children still have cute feet even at age four.


They are smart, witty and imaginative.

Tbywindow BW

And incredibly photogenic.


Trust me. I know these things. You see, being a third child, you are also never wrong. Never.

Oh and everyone also needs a furry child to push out into the snow because children 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all way too smart to let Mom push them out in the snow just for a photo op. But furry child doesn’t have the slightest notion that he has a choice.




Or so I thought.

Bruce Running

Okay, third children can sometimes be wrong. But still, everybody needs one. Trust me.

9 thoughts on “Everybody needs a third child.

  1. Ahh yes, I can vouch for this. My third child certainly keeps me on my toes. I always tell people. “You dont know you have kids till number three comes along” And that is the absolute truth. And what a gorgeous number 3 you have there.

    Love the Bruce pictures as well, he is just adorable.

    Karisma’s last blog post..Penseives Poetic Licence – Terza Rima

  2. I always enjoy your kid pics, and Bruce really is a good-lookin’ dog. (And what is it about cute that makes us wanna eat it? I had the same reaction as Life With … up there!)

  3. Hi Nan

    I agree with you on #3 – we named ours John-Alec and we used to sing “Johnny Angel” – he has always had a sunny disposition and at 22, still does!

    You and I have a lot in common – 4 boys (although I have a little girl added on to that number) plus being a pastor’s wife.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Islandsparrow’s last blog post..100 years

  4. Your #3 is really cute. We have 2 girls and are hoping to to have a third child. We’d love to have a boy. My husband REALLY needs a little man to rough and tumble with 🙂
    Bruce is beautiful! I really like his name too!

  5. Boy #3 here has the sweetest little toes at 4, too!

    I need a furry child. Oh, so precious!

    Also, the squirrels. When I lived in Canton, OH we had them. We named them the “freaky Black Squirrels” We’d never seen them before!

    We researced them….some guy brought them down from Canada, and only lived in that one part of Ohio.

    Anyhoo, nice to see the ol freaky black squirrels again!


    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fussy Fights the Frump- The Eyes Have It!

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