Nothing puts me to sleep faster than li-s-t-e-n-ing t-o a ch-i-l-d s-ou-n-d ou-t, n-0-t j-u-s-t e-v-e-r-y sy-ll-a-b-le of e-v-e-r-y w-o-rd, b-u-t al-m-o-s-t e-v-e-r-y l-e-tt-er, in a f-i-f-t-ee-n p-a-g (I mean p-a-g-e) ph-o-n-i-cs r-ea-d-er. I-t i-s v-er-y v-er-y p-ai-n-f-ul a-n-d y-e-t v-er-y s-oo-th-ing. P-u-t-s me t-o s-l-ee-p e-v-e-r-y t-i-m (I mean t-i-m-e).



6 thoughts on “I just have to say this…

  1. Haa, my son is now learning letters and the sounds they make so you ask him a letter and then he gives you the sound too.
    It is funny because of the faces they make when they make the sounds.
    No sleeping mom your the teacher.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Break Down

  2. Yup, ours do that too Sarah! LOL And my two year old listens to so much school he comes off with the cutest things! For instance, we call the silent E the “Bossy E” because it forces the vowel to say its own name. It’s very bossy so it’s “Bossy E.” He goes around saying, “I’m a Bossy E. I’m a Bossy E.” LOL So cute! He will also randomly point out letters as their sounds!

    I manage to stay awake but I don’t know why it’s so entrancing. I’m awake enough to push him (my 5 year old) forward and correct him when he makes a mistake! And then when the book is FINALLY over I fall over on the couch, and so does he! It’s a major work out for him!

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