I’ve mentioned before that we like taking Friday outings whenever we can in order to combat the vortex that is cabin fever. Today we split up. The Pastor and our toddler went and ran errands downtown and the rest of us went to a big park near the river, not far from our house.

There is a big pond that is an ice rink during the winter. While we opted not to bring our ice skates today we still had fun slip sliding around on the ice and trudging through the snow. We trudged and tromped and stomped through the snow until we got to a playground where the children decided that snowy playgrounds can still be fun.

This is what happens to the poor child who asks me to sit on the other end of a teeter totter. I’m surprised I didn’t launch him right out of our atmosphere and into outer space.


And here he is coming back down to earth.




And here he is doing the ever popular snot lick.


Appetizing, isn’t it?

And what do we have here?


Your eyes are not tricking you folks, this really is me. Someone actually took a picture of little old me.


Yes, I let my chilluns take the reigns of my precious camera and I must say, this proves to all that it’s really all about the camera. They each took a few. Some were of a nearby tree. Some were of the sky. But most at least had me in the picture, if not centered! I think they did a decent job.


Well, pretty decent anyways.

So, I believe that fulfills my quota of one picture of myself per year. We’re good to go until next January. Phew!

5 thoughts on “Friday outings…

  1. Hey Nan…like the look of your new blog home! Enjoyed seeing the pics of you guys in the snow. Isn’t it just so beautiful when it is untouched! I see that you got to be the first to make some footprints at the park. Fun! We had a tiny teansy little bit of snow fall this week and my kids went bonkers. Boy, if we lived in your neck of the woods, they would be in snow heaven! LOL! No offense, but I am glad we don’t live where it snows often, too cold for my California blood. It has been in the 20s this week and BRRRRRRR I am always cold! I’m a wimp I know!

  2. Oh, no… you can’t offend me! LOL I get reeeeeeal tired of it long about… NOW. :^D But I have to keep a stiff upper lip and suck it up because our last snowfall usually takes place at the end of May. Ugh! (But most of April and May are nice at least.)

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