The North wind doth blowAnd we shall have snowAnd what will the robin do then? Poor thing.What will the robin do then?

He’ll sit in the barn and keep himself warm

and hide his head under his wing. Poor thing.

~Mother Goose (I don’t think she really wrote it but that’s the only credit I can give.)

Have you ever wondered how the birds and all the little woodland creatures can survive the harsh winter climates? I have. The poor little things. I must confess, I never wondered about it when I lived in Sunny California (that would be most of my life). But now that I live in the Frozen North I am amazed that the critters can survive. And I’m really annoyed that mosquito larvae seem to be quite impervious to the plunging winter temperatures. In fact, it seems to somehow make them more virile as they appear to be more and more like blood sucking helicoptors each year.

But these particular little birdies seem to do fine for themselves even when the Nature Buffet is sparsely stocked. For us, it would be like going to Luby’s only to discover that the only thing they have left is lima beans. Shriveled lima beans at that. Lima Beans and insect larvae.

But the birds don’t seem to mind. They still tweet.


Is this not the fluffliest little birdy ever? He taps at the bark, I can only assume, to find some sort of morsel worth eating.


I just love how chubby he is.

And while it was snowy and cold yesterday, at least it was sunny. Today it was a blustery blizzard.

Now the fact that these little woodland creatures, below, survive the winters should really come as no surprise I suppose. They are quick as lightning. I don’t believe I’ve ever happened upon an idle squirrel. They are the most nimble little things ever aren’t they? (There are probably nimbler things out there… I just really wanted to use the word nimble and then nimbler and had no other excuse and now, thanks to using them each once I’ve been enabled to use them both twice!) Words are simple pleasures. As are squirrels.


I would totally be one of those crazy squirrel feeders who build elaborate houses and feeders for the daily guests but we don’t have any mature trees, so no squirrels.





Like I said, these little guys don’t particularly like to sit still and I wasn’t prepared when I came upon them so I didn’t have my camera set to the appropriate shutter speed.


So they are kinda fuzzy.


I mean, they are fuzzy by nature. But not this fuzzy. ((sheepish grin))


Did I mention how fearless these guys are? They would walk right up to you and ask for a drag of your cigarette. You know, if they were smokers. But they are health nuts. So I think they scorn tobacco use.




Skiddadle you. Take off eh? Run along. Go on. Git!


Leave already, would you?


Take a hike ya little nut case.

Oh, my dear blog reader! Surely you don’t think…. Oh no, no, no!! I didn’t mean you!! How could you imply such a thing! You just stay put and make yourself comfortable.


You can go now.

But only if you promise to come back.

10 thoughts on “The North Wind Doth Blow…

  1. just has his feathers puffed out to stay warm — nothing under that fluff but some skinny little bird brain & body. I love chickadee.

    We don’t have black squirrels here – just those pesky little brown ones

    Pamela’s last blog post..But, Does it Rhyme?

  2. Yeah, I know. But I love how chubby he looks! :^D (I’m now remembering how super skinny our Belgian Sheepdog was when she had to be completely shaved due to health problems. And all that time she appeared to be overweight!)

  3. I thought the same thing yesterday about animals in the cold as we were leaving the Colorado snow we passed a field of horses. I can see the squirrels and small birds finding a little place out of the wind to huddle together for warmth, but those poor, cold horses were just standing there in the wind motionless…

    I loved the pictures and think the fuzzy just added to the effect.

    HRH’s last blog post..My toothbrush can beat up your toothbrush…

  4. I too am amazed at how they survive our cold, harsh temperatures. We photographed some ducks two days ago, the ndrove by the same area yesterday and saw all the little ducks so huddled down. I worried about them a lot then. ;( It was -13F when we went by. 😦

    Love the squirrels! So cute and fuzzy! We have too many at my birdfeeders, I’ll be happy to ship you some squirrels and chipmunks. 🙂

  5. You do not want to feed squirrels! My neighbor does and we have so many around the house. I walked into my attic one day and found one scampering around. I almost wet myself! They had actually made a home in the corner. My dad came over to fill the corner with foam and it turned out to be full of babies. He did not realize this till after he sprayed the corner. Those squirrels were so mad. My dad felt soooo bad. But those squirrels were vicious. The made the most horrible chatter and ran all over the roof of our house. But they have not come back into our house. I think they moved into my neighbor’s attic now. 🙂

  6. “Take off, eh”


    I love these pictures! Especially the birds – very well done! Your squirrels look so different from the squirrels in my neck of the woods. Ours are like your light grey one, some light brown. NONE look like your dark little guy up there. Interesting to see.

    Jenn’s last blog post..Hardy har har

  7. The other day, we were walking through the pet section of the store and my hubby asked who would ever buy a squirrel feeder. I told him that I would! We have one that lives near our house and yells at us on a regular basis during the summer months. I love the black squirrel, but the best ones are the hybrids, black with the blonde tail!

  8. Whew! Catching up today . . .and that pic of the HUGE cat chasing a . . .a . . .um . . .wait a minute! That’s not a cat, is it . . .um . . . er . . .{blush} my eyes do decieve me! What a devilish little squirrel! All plumped up for the winter like that!

    Great Shot! 🙂

    JaJireh’s last blog post..Of Catwalks And Callbacks – Part 2

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