I can’t seem to get enough of them. I love the squirmy feeling I get when I look at the eery empty shadows of trees, especially on the untouched snow. They are so bleak. So lonesome. So ghostly. So, get me out of this godforsaken forest please, sinister like aren’t they?

I would make a wonderful Anne of Green Gables. Remember the scene where she falls into the well and sprains her second ankle, having sprained the first after falling off the ridgepole of Moody’s kitchen roof? Where she has to sit alone in the forest while Diana Barry runs for help? Remember how she sits there and repeats some frightening poem to herself and then her eyes promptly roll back in her head as she faints?

I love that part. I would do that really well because if I were alone in a groaning sinister forest of tree shadows, listening only to the creaking bows and bare branches and my own footsteps, I would easily faint. Oh yes, I would. Easily. As a matter of fact, someone better fetch the smelling salts right about now for I am…… (((thud)))


tree shadow 4

tree shadows3

tree shadows 6

Tree Shadows1

14 thoughts on “Eery tree shadows…

  1. These are gorgeous photos. I love the way snow sparkles when it is dry and cold. You have made me ache for where I used to live – snow nine months of the year. Now I live in the desert. That’s a switch.

    Kim’s last blog post..Children’s Book Monday

  2. your tree photos are great! beautifully crafted and shot. yes…i LOVE that scene in ANNE of GG…one of my favorite stories. 🙂 There is a 3rd one, you know…it’s like quite a few years later when Gil and Anne are engaged and Gil goes off to war and becomes MIA and Anne becomes an invstigative reporter in Europe to try to find out info on where me might be. Hardly anyone knows it exists but it’s really fun to watch if you’re already an ANNE fan…and they used all the same actors. 🙂 *elizabeth

  3. I love this post! And I love these pictures! You could put out a whole book full of those beautiful pics!
    Love ya!

  4. Love the tree shadow pix…very Ansel. We were blessed with a light dusting of snow in southeast VA this weekend. My boys were thrilled. I loved the snot picture, btw, because it’s so.very.real.

  5. Cool pics! I especially love the first one. It looks like there could be a story behind it. Like some thriller mystery type story 🙂

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