This is birthday week in our house.  It’s the only week in the year in which two family members have birthdays, my five year old and…. moi!  We celebrated his birthday yesterday evening by having our neighbors over for dinner and ice cream cake (which I decided to store in the garage since it’s been about -25 degrees in there for the past several days.  But lo and behold, last night that swiftly changed and we discovered an ice cream cake puddle this morning.  Oops.  Oh well.  We didn’t need those calories anyways right?

Tomorrow is my birthday but I got my present yesterday too.   The Pastor and I are positively awful about keeping birthday and Christmas secrets.  We are world famous for it in fact.  Well, okay, not really.  I think we’ve officially decided to not even bother trying to keep presents a secret.  It’s a fruitless effort.  You are probably just itchin’ to play poker with us now, knowing this fact.  Don’t be fooled.  I could kill you at Poker.  No, really I couldn’t.  But I felt like saying it.  (feelings… nothing more than…….. feelings.)  I do play a mean game of Spades though.

In honor of my birthday, I got a haircut today.

And I photoshopped myself onto a bizarre but more interesting backdrop than the white board and cork board that is the vertical file cabinet on my wall.

Nans Haircut

What d’ya think?  I like it!  (And I love this new lens which has a lot less lens distortion than my other one… the one that my sons used last week to take my picture at the snowy park.)

So yesterday and today I’ve been testing out the new lens and figuring out why it’s such a beautiful thing.  Here are the first pictures I took with it.  Try not to say “Awwww” so much that you suddenly feel like your at a baby shower.






And here is my favorite mug from Starbucks:


And here are some super cute monkeys:



And here is me demonstrating a very shallow depth of field.  Look: Doggy’s nose in focus.  Doggy’s eyes, not so much.


Cute toddler shoving English Muffins down his froat:





Birthday boy excited to blow out his candles on the now melted in my garage birthday cake:




Children entranced by much hyped Christmas gift:




Toddler pointing out the wens cap:


Third child being a wonderful third child:


Close up of the Pastor’s moles (yummy):


Close up of The Pastor’s attractive hand and the steering wheel of our beloved Suburban:


And that’s it.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Emphasis on nut.

5 thoughts on “Birthday week

  1. Happy Birthday!
    I thought I was the only person who liked to take pixs of weird things! But, unlike you I can’t take good pictures so mine aren’t necessarily deliberate weird shots! I have to say I love the shot with your toddler eating an english muffin in black and white. It just pops out and is beautiful.

    passionate housewife’s last blog post..~ We Have Ice ~

  2. TWO pictures of you w/in a MONTH?!! Are you feeling okay? Does this mean we don’t get a pic of you next year, since we got an extra this year?

    Great photos, Nan. And, man I wish I had a Wii … I’m living vicariously through your family.

    Jean’s last blog post..I knew it!

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