I told my kids this morning that I think I’ll turn 31 every day because I really enjoyed the special treatment.  This morning was the first time I ever had the joy of my children bringing me breakfast in bed.  They have been planning this for weeks.  My oldest even saved a wet nap that he had gotten at a restaurant for this express purpose, thinking it would be a nice touch after a meal in bed.  I love their thoughtfulness.

And The Pastor was good enough to take their pictures while they made the breakfast.  He also took pictures of them bringing it to me in bed, pictures which I will spare you of, due to my vanity.



They all piled on the bed and sat around me and watched me eat my breakfast, saying, “I love you Mom,” and “Happy birthday Mom” as many times as possible.  My oldest said to me, “Mom, there are many reasons you are the crown jewel in this house (along with Dad I mean).  You made us be born, you cook dinner for us all the time and (this was my personal favorite), there are so few girls in our house that you are the only one — girls are very rare so we honor you.”

What mother wouldn’t just about faint after hearing that?  I love these boys.  Boys rock.

You will never hear me complain that God gave me all boys.  (Though you still might hear me cursing the state of their bathroom and such things.)  I am very blessed.

19 thoughts on “Breakfast in bed…

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Crown Jewel! (That’s hysterical!) Love you much sis! Hope you’re day continues as beautifully as it started!

  2. That was just too sweet. Your son is going to make a great husband one day. I wish more mamas would raise their sons to respect women. I worry about my little girls 🙂

  3. And a great big happy birthday to the grown-up tiny little auburn-haired girl I gave birth to 31 years ago today!!! I remember the day well! I’m proud of you, Nan!

    Love you,

  4. I love your blog, and enjoy reading about you and the boys. I identify with you, my 4 boys are grown, the oldest turns 37 this month and the youngest is 24. My husband is a retired preacher. I now have 2 daughters-in-law and 2 grandsons. BOYS RULE!!!

    Chill’s last blog post..Venus de Jo-jo

  5. Happy Birthday Nan! I hope the gift I had Ree send arrives soon..lol. Mine was on Monday and I was awoken by Melody running into my room and saying, “Mommy, Zachary and I made you cards while we let you sleep in a little. Did you sleep enough?” This is while I was up earlier than normal..lol. I am lucky that I can usually sleep till about 8am. This was at around 7:30. It was a fun day though. The kids are a blast! I really need to go and post about this on MY blog! LOL. I hope you whole day was wonderful! You deserve it! Greta

    Greta’s last blog post..Kylie’s New Word of the Day

  6. Such a sweet post, I couldn’t help but say a few AAWWs outloud! Hope the rest of your day was just as wonderful Nan!

  7. That is so so sweet of the darlings! Now as for you missy! You are not “keeping it real” by not showing us those bed shots.

  8. I’m late for the party but Happy Birthday anyway! Boys are great. Girls have always been the minority in our house too. My daughter and me, that’s it, against four sons and the husband. There is a step-daughter but she has never lived with us. Boys do rock!

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..i cannot think of a title

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