Do you live in sunny Southern California? Florida? Corpus Christi, Texas? The Australian Outback! (Helloooooo down there! My kids want to know, “What is it like to walk upside down?”) Are you feeling a mite sweaty? Feeling a bit too clammy? Does your arm hurt from fanning yourself so much? Is your skin painfully supple? Ya know… I just feel soooo sorry for ya that I am compelled to let you have a wee bit of my snow.

We woke up this morning to a gorgeous coating of snow. It’s still January so I still don’t hate it and I don’t curse at it and say, “I should be planting things and watering things and pulling weeds and… and… and…” I’ll feel that way somewhere around late February, early March… and definitely when our last snowfall hits us (usually around the last week of May.) So this morning when I saw that there was snow clinging to every part of everything outside, I just had to jump into my boots and go take a picture or 35. My kids were shocked when I came back in the house and they discovered I was still in my pajamas.

Oh, calm down. They were yoga pants and a t-shirt. Okay? Nobody knew they were my PJs okay? Okay?! Oh and I did put a coat on too.

So, I went to all that trouble for you, dear reader who lives in a veritable sauna compared to this place which is dryer than a rye crisp cracker spread with a nice thick layer of antiperspirant, because I know how much you miss snow and how you would give anything to experience just a little bit of winter now and then.

So here you go. Winter, without the mittens.


close up snow on branch2




close up snow on branch






22 thoughts on “Need a snow fix?

  1. Those are absolutely amazing pictures! Wow!
    And how did you know where I live? LOL.
    It’s 44 here right now and drizzly. This is the first solid week of ‘cold’ weather that we’ve had so far this year!! Of course, it’s supposed to be in the 60’s and 70’s again by tomorrow 🙂
    Y’all enjoy your beautiful snow, and we’ll be running around in jeans, t-shirts and flip flops 🙂
    Viva la Winter! 🙂

    Rachel’s last blog post..Haiku Friday

  2. Thanks for those gorgeous pictures! As a Floridian of 22 years (me entire life), I envy you guys that get snow. Then again, I would probably freeze so I’ll stick to my 60 degree weather.

    Meagan’s last blog post..UPDATE

  3. Nan, The Hills around here are alive with the sound of snow crunching underfoot! Socal, just like it’s occupants and yours truly WEIRD!

  4. LOL I knew I’d probably hear it for that SoCal comment! :^D Since my dh grew up there (and I in Northern California) I realize snow is not a huge impossibility. I should change it to Hawaii. :^D Mom and Dad have been telling me that it’s been pretty cold at home there in the Bay Area. My Dad keeps blaming me. I just try to pass the buck on to Alaska though. It can’t be Canada’s fault after all — Canada lives to not offend! ;^P

  5. Beautiful–reminds me “….though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;” What is more beautiful?
    In Southeast MO we are in a deep freeze, (in the teens and low 20’s) with no snow in sight. We like to have at least one good snowfall; but if it doesn’t come by the end of February, it is unlikely that it will for this winter season.

    Marilyn’s last blog post..Home Town Proud

  6. Wow! Thats really beautiful. I could have used some of that down here today! We were out in the sun all day while the boys played on their motor bikes. Well they didnt play, they had to do a course to get their licenses to ride. It was a bit scary for mothers. But they survived. Thank God.

    Karisma’s last blog post..Go Go Power Rangers!

  7. Ohhhhh! good job! I love the frosted branches contrasting against the sky! So here you were in your PAJAMAs, leaning over upside down to get just the right angle. It must have been quite the sight. If you were wearing your husband’s boots like I do for my morning pajama pictures, it would have been just perfect.

  8. Hi NancyPants! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. You don’t look old enough to have four sons. I don’t have time right now to view your whole blog, but I can see now that you younger moms have more of an edge on your technical skills for blogging. I’m new at it and stuck in a template. Even though I’ve done some web design, I’m afraid to branch out and try to design my own blog site. I know, OMSH does a great job, but then there’s the $$$ issue of homeschooling moms!!! Anyway, I’ll be back!

    Bayou Woman’s last blog post..Don’t you love flowers that bloom in winter?

  9. Beautiful! It’s cold where I am but we don’t get too much snow. We got about 3 inches a few days ago then it rained and it was gone within a couple hours. Thanks 🙂

  10. OOOoh, your photos are gorgeous. I’m so glad you stopped by and now I get to pour through your blog.

    Here’s to warmer weather. We’re in Los Angeles and it has finally stopped raining (had been for 5 days straight and we don’t handle that very well!).

    Mama DB’s last blog post..Ray of Sunshine

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