Light and shadows. They go together, ya know… like a horse and carriage. They work. They are like peaches and cream. They make good bedfellows. They fit like hand and glove. They are a couple. They got hooked up… like a super long time ago. They are BFFFFFFFs.

So today I was going to post about some super cute books I bought for my kidlets on and, mind you, I’m still going to do just that. And then you will discover just how easily I, your cute furry blue little friend, Grover your little blogging pal who lives her life in a lunchbox, Nan, can get herself sidetracked from the task at hand and end up posting a lot more about light and shadows than about super cute books that she bought for her toddler.

But first, the books. A couple of weeks back I won a sweet little bloggity contest at the home of Sweet Mummy whom I randomly discovered in the comments section of a blog about how to make money blogging, not that I’m doing that. I do this all free of charge baby. All for you. That’s how much I loves ya. Little did I know, when I stumbled upon her blog that she is not only a blogging minister’s wife but also an American living in Canada. We’re like soul sisters and stuff. So I reeeally wanted me some Amazon funds so I played her quiz contest and on my first visit answered almost all of her questions correctly about her family, her blog and her life. Thanks again Sweet Mummy for the coolneato prize!

So though I perused 1,792 or so books and videos about photography, I was suddenly overcome with this strange feeling of motherly kindness and generosity and decided that rarely have I bought my children books with my very own money. We get a lot of hand me down books so they aren’t short on books by any stretch of the imagination. But when I saw the title of these two adorable books I knew I had to purchase them because the titles alone told me that the main characters in the books were the cartoonified 1 dimensional animal versions of my children. The books are called, Not a Box and Not a Stick.

Not a stick Not a Box

Is that little pig not the cutest pig ever? He has a stick in his hand, but as you will quickly find out, this is not a stick. It’s a not-a-stick. And it’s anything he wants it to be.

Not a stick

And is that little bunny not the cutest little hare you’ve ever laid eyes upon? He is. Thou shalt not argue. I love him. Look at that nifty little box at his side which he so proudly owns. That is not a box. It is his not-a-box. And it is anything in the world.

Not a box

Get these books for your adventurous little child who collects every cardboard box that makes its way through your door and claims it as his very own. Get these books for your child who collects every stick no longer attached to a tree or shrub and turns it into a sword or a fishing pole or a javelin. Get them. You can thank me later. As you can see, even Dr. Suess approves. (This is not a paid advertisement. I told you I make no money on this blog.)

Now, just look at those pictures up there. Do you see those wonderful stripey shadows? Those are the shadows from my wonderful new blinds. I’m in love with them. We are still on our honeymoon. They just came into my life a week or so ago and I am still on cloud nine about them. Prior to that we had curtains. Very plain curtains that hung on rods that someone who lived here before us hung very poorly, therefore they were barely hanging onto the last threads of life. Two months after ordering them, the blinds arrived and we ripped down those old ugly curtains with nary a tear or a tear.

I was admiring these wonderful stripey shadows when suddenly, what should happen but an adorable little two year old should cast his shadow upon his new book.

Csilt on book


The cuteness! He looks like that little boy in the book about the carrot seed. Do you remember that boy? That nose! Those wittle wips! I could kiss them! (And I did.)

And I was forced to take another picture. Or 13.

Csilt on book 2

The lips got cuter still.

Then I decided I must take a picture of everyone’s shadow because I’d been planning on doing this anyways and this was the perfect time for it. Only some people who will, as usual, remain unnamed (even though his shadow is right there below) refused to let me take his shadow’s picture. Until I offered to pay him with two Tic-Tacs. He wouldn’t even do it for a dime. But he would for two Tic-Tacs. And he got fresh breath to boot. I think I won.

TR silt

And at that, everyone else wanted a Tic-Tac too (not to be confused with a tic-tac-toe). So they lined up to have their shadow’s picture taken.


Some people (like little Mr. below) couldn’t stand still long enough to get a decent one though. He had important things to do… storm troopers to destroy and clone wars to fight (Wii.)


Well, Bruce was standing nearby and he was begging me to take his picture too. I didn’t want to disappoint him. You can’t imagine the puppy dog eyes I would get if I disappointed him.

Bruce shadow 2

Bruce c-u shadows

Bruce Shadows 5

Look at this dog’s hair. This is what happens when you move to the land of hard water and no moisture in the air Alberta folks. This and you get snake skin.


I know how you feel Brucie. I know how you feel.

10 thoughts on “Light and shadows (and cute books) (oh and a dog) (and not in that order)

  1. I do remember The Carrot Seed! Great book! Your little ones are adorable, and I love the amazing shadow shots! I do have to say; however, I am partial to Bruce. I have three little ladies of my own who who would loooove to romp with Bruce around a dog park or two. If he promises to play nice and not try to make time with Dayzee, Chloe promises not to grab him by the neck in a death grip. Breezy will just sit by and watch the goings on, thank you.



    Kim’s last blog post..Would You Like to “Ask the Educator”? (sticky post)

  2. The books sound TOO cute! I must look for those. Must.must.must!
    The woofy is cute as ever. Fitting into the fam nicely I presume?
    And light/shadow pics are among my faves. I love looking at and taking them. You don’t even WANT to know how many I took of the shadow a plant in a high window here at my house LOL You’d have me committed. I enjoy looking at your pics…I’ve been too lazy to take many myself, so, at least I can come here and get my fix. Not my cute kids and all, but, ya know, it’ll do :p

    Tara’s last blog post..It’s Like Fiber…

  3. Oh, I have three boys and we definitely have lots of “not-a-stick” sticks. We live in the mountains and do a lot of hiking. Sometimes we have to impose a “no more sticks” rule while hiking, otherwise our trek in the woods takes twice as long because they are so intent on finding that *perfect* stick.

    Can’t wait to check out those books!

    Robin’s last blog post..Say What?

  4. The last picture is tooo funny. I have a black lab/golden mix and he has bad hair days too. The cowlicks he gets when I don’t dry his hair properly after a bath are hilarious. And I thought I had bair hair days!!

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