You know when people are describing something and they don’t want to go into all the details? They say something like, “…and what not…” or maybe, “Baduh baduh baduh” or “yadda yadda yadda.” This post is the type of thing they are whatnotting or yaddayaddaing or baduhbaduhing over. It’s really nothing pertinent to the big story so it usually gets untold. But not at the Lunchbox. Whatever comes out of the lunchbox is what you get. And… true to life being like a lunchbox, sometimes Mom forgets to send it with you, in which case you get nothing. There are days like that here too. (Um… I’m talking about the blog just in case you were worried that my kids sometimes go hungry.)

Tonight I have three boys. See? My big boy is away at his very first sleepover. Next week he will be starting college and soon after he will be getting married. I think I just aged a few years thinking about the speed at which this occurs.


They were watching a Christmas movie that they found at the library and just had to have. (And I had to have 27 photography and Photoshop books. Or thereabouts.) Okay. Whatever. and the reason I marked the moment with a picture? Well, don’t they look cute all lined up there?


Look at those pensive little looks. This was obviously a very serious movie. Clearly, it was something that was super deep. (It was Veggie Tales.)


It really had them digging deep into their noses souls, searching for the bigger meaning of it all.

The real reason I needed to take these pictures, other than the wee cherubs being just so neatly lined up, was that I needed to practice taking pictures in low lighting. Still contemplating how successful I was. But I like the warm glow to the pictures. And as you can see by the frames I’ve been doing some more experimenting in Photoshop with Actions and what not such.

Meanwhile The Pastor was busy praying.


Just kidding. He wasn’t really praying. He was cooking with his eyes closed.

Okay. He was cooking and he happened to blink. But I thought he looked like he was praying and thought it was a cool picture.

He was cooking chicken on the George Foreman grill for Asian chicken salad. George Foreman grilling isn’t real cooking though. But he does really cook. He always mans the BBQ (sometimes even in the dead of winter) and he makes some mean rosemary garlic pork chops.

My Man Cooks 1

Does your husband cook? What is your favorite thing that he makes? What’s his specialty? Husbands who read this, please feel free to answer for yourself.


This is The Pastor looking at me with the, “Would you please stop taking pictures of me?” look. I know it well. It often turns into this kind of look only shortly thereafter…

Shocked Shawn

And I continue on. Have I ever mentioned that I’m a terrible tease and a flirt? I blame my Grandma for these genes. She was a flapper. I’m pretty sure that means she was just as sassy as me.

Here he is after he knows he has no hope of making me stop taking pictures. His only recourse is to start making goofy faces so that I no longer want to photograph him.

Man Cooks 2

Here is my bookshelf and our clock that never works.


Do I need a reason for showing that to you? It’s part of the what not.

Here’s another little what not. Until yesterday I did not have any of my own photography displayed anywhere on the main level of our house. I have a few pictures of the boys taken back in the fall, framed in our upstairs hall and a few family pictures in our bedroom, but other than that the only pictures I’ve ever printed in the last 5 years have been ones that I have given to family members.

When we rearranged our entire house last week it left us with an entire wall that needed decor. So the other day we went and bought two cool frames and we now have real family pictures hanging on our wall. (And one picture taken by Ree was snuck in there too.) You’d think with me being such a shutter bug that this would have happened a long time ago. I like it. (Edit: We got these frames at Urban Barn. It looks as though you cannot buy these frames on their site. They are made by Nexxt. I couldn’t find this exact model on their site either, though they did have the smaller versions.)



14 thoughts on “What not

  1. My husband trys to cook. Grilling is his strong suit though. I am the one who loves to cook. I just hate cleaning up after myself. And I am lucky if I get one nice photo of my husband he sees me with the camara and makes a stupid face or puts his hand up to block my shot.
    Your pictures look great.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..300

  2. The frames ARE cool. I like how you interspersed the family photos with the scenery pics.

    I am planning to frame and hang 8X10s of some of the scenery pics I took during our trip west last summer. I have lots of good intentions, but haven’t “gotten around to it” yet.

    leah belle’s last blog post..Sunday Reflection

  3. Hey….we have that same clock! And I love the cool frames! Where did you find them? I would love to have some like that to hang upstairs. We have a large collage downstairs that is fun but I have been looking for a frame or two that are different shapes…other than the basic square or rectangle I mean! LOL! You DO take great pics Nan and I also enjoy it when you share them with us!


  4. Okay, where did you find those frames? They are a must have! We have two long hallway walls that positively scream for frames filled with photos! I love the pics of your boys. Are they always that quiet and serene? Surely with a mother as angelic as thee!

    Kim’s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot

  5. My husband does all the major cooking. That’s not say I can’t, but it’s generally less moody around our place if he mans the kitchen (hee hee, get it?) He also makes weekly menus based on what’s going on in the evenings and what’s on sale at the local grocery. And he can create a meal from seemingly unrelated food items. It’s amazing. Are you jealous yet? Rest assured, it’s all balanced because I don’t think he’s cleaned a toilet in 14 years of marriage. Oh wait, once, while I was very pregnant and pitiful.

  6. My husband is actually the person who taught me how to cook. I think I’ve surpassed his abilities, though, just because I have so much more practice since I do the majority of the cooking now. (But shh…don’t tell him. I’m more than happy to let him cook whenever he so desires!)

    And I’m with everyone else…Where did you get those frames? They are so cool. I could use several in black. Please, do tell where they came from!

    Robin’s last blog post..Bridal Veil Falls

  7. I edited the post with some links about the frames! I’m bummed because I can’t seem to find the exact ones we got anywhere online!

  8. Not sure how I found my way here, but I’m glad I did. You have some great pics. I love, LOVE that frame. I’m on a mission now…

    Those are cute boys you have there. I’m forever experimenting in low lighting with my photos. I want a better lens for it…

    kacey’s last blog post..Easy 1 2 3 Bread

  9. May I just say that your bookshelf shot is frustrating me! I like shots of bookshelves. I like to enlarge them so that I can see what books they have. YOUR picture can’t be made big enough to read the titles! I demand a repost!

    : P

    Heather’s last blog post..Overheard after bedtime…

  10. Aaaaah. I love the pictures you took of the three boys so close together watching Veggie Tales. It’s soooo dang hard to get multiple boys in the same photo, much less that close together and adorable!!! Good job, Mom!!! Also, love the frames – they’re fabulous, as are your photos. Ok, ’nuff gushing from me. Gotta go clean…
    Happy Weekend to you

    susan (in socal)’s last blog post..Preparing to Climb

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