Over the last several weeks I’ve been taking pictures of all of the families at church for a new church directory. This morning I shot about 4 or 5 families. In between families three of my favorite girls asked me to take their picture together. I’ve been wanting to take their pictures for a while, and hopefully will be able to take several more, but I got a few really cute shots of them.

So this afternoon I’ve been playing with the pictures and having so much fun with them in Photoshop! These girls are the best. They are the sweetest girls… they remind me of what I was like at their age… except they have much clearer skin than I ever did! They are also awesome babysitters!! :^D

Here is the original…

Best Friends

And forgive me but I am going to torture you with several other versions of the same picture… just with different actions or effects applied.

Best Friends Posterized

They call this the “posterize effect.” Very ethereal.

Best Friends LOMO

And here I obviously added text:

Best friends with words and noise

I just love how these pictures turned out! Of course, the girls are just gorgeous so that does make it a rather easy job…

BFF Close up wavy frame

I love the close up. I added the cute little wavy frame around the edge and faded the edge as well.

And here is me goin’ crazy with the actions and effects!! I figure teenage girls might like all of the cool effects. :^D

BFF Close up soft glow

BFF Close up cross processed

BFF Close up polarized


BFF Close up fantasy lights

BFF roses
Okay… that’s all! Thanks for letting me take your pictures girls! You guys rock!

15 thoughts on “Girlfriends

  1. What is the effect in the first altered photo? I’m familiar with posterize, but mine don’t looks as subtle as yours. (‘Course I don’t have a clue what I’m doing –I’m just clicking away and it probably has to do with settings.) I love the first effect.

    Mayberry Magpie

  2. Oh I so wish you were taking the photos for our church directory. I have an appt. on March 9th at noon with my group of monkeys and I can tell you that I know for sure my 3 1/2 year old won’t smile. I have yet to get a single family photo with her in it that she is smiling. We never get the real family photos either..just have friends take a couple quick ones..and they always come out horrible. Can you take a trip to Connecticut anytime soon?

    Love your photography! Wish I had a better camera and photoshop too so I can play.

    Greta’s last blog post..Busy, Busy, Busy…

  3. hi! dropping by from entrecard. the third girl on the right has very nice eyes. i like the way they turned out with the polarized and lomo effects. 🙂

  4. Hey Nan!
    What cute girls! So much fun to see the pictures. We recently got photoshop and the first time I attempted playing around with it, I wanted to blow my head off. Okay, not quite…but it is way Way WAY smarter than me…and the fact that you have it figured out means that you are way Way WAY smarter than me too. (but we already knew that!)
    Thanks for sharing the pics!
    love ya & your new site too!

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