Tonight we took the boys out up on a small hill to watch the lunar eclipse. They were super excited about it. When we got home I thanked them for coming with us to watch the eclipse and my oldest replied, “What?! You’re thanking us for having a good time looking at something awesome? That doesn’t make sense!”

I took a bunch of pictures just for fun. I think I’ll try to make a lunar eclipse flip book for the boys. And of course I’ll post a handful of them here… probably tomorrow.

But in the meantime I got a couple other pictures. Ohhhh… if I only had a 700 foot long lens, these would have come out a great deal better! ;^P

Rings of Saturn

How cool is that? The Pastor looked online to find out about the eclipse and found that the rings of Saturn would be visible. So I had a pretty good idea where to point the camera and hoped I was right. Those look very ring-like don’t they?

And here is another planet… whose name I don’t know. But The Pastor said it was a planet… so I took its picture and believed him.

Other planet

4 thoughts on “Coooool Dude…

  1. Those rings are cool. One year we had our students come to school @ 5:30 AM to do some planet/star watching. We set up telescopes for the kids to see the moon and saturn and…I can’t remember the other one. Anyway, these kids from the hood were so excited. They had never imagined they would see something like that. It really opened their imaginations.

    Kim’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Two of My Favorite “People”

  2. I could see those two bright “stars” with my naked eyes. BUT, I didn’t have a chance to take pictures. We had our “Photo-shop” class (I’ve learned a little bit) and we only walked outside to look. Well, one of the guys had this humongous camera and lens and was taking pictures.

    Pamela’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Pine Siskin

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