Surprise!  I have decided to alter my original rules… The three who already posted their public pagecasts, will automatically win a t-shirt.  Oak Knoll Mom, I haven’t forgotten you!  I am going to get yours in the mail on Monday!  Leah Belle and Sarah Rogstad, e-mail me with your information and a size/style preference and I’ll do what I can to accomodate you both!

For everyone who has yet to enter, please just post here what your current homepage is!  That’s all there is to it now.  I’ve made it super duper easy… :^P  Hopefully we’ll draw out a couple more people who want a free shirt.

Of course it’s people like me that you are probably really glad don’t have the authority to declare official holidays and observances because I would come up with some real doozies much weirder than International Pageflakes Awareness Day. Like maybe I would declare a National Don’t Brush Your Teeth Day (to level the playing field for all sufferers of chronic halitosis out there). Or perhaps National Act Like A Child Day (to level the playing field for all of those out there that chronically act like children). Ooh, or how about International Act Like a Chimp Day (you know… to level the playing field for all of those out there who chronically act like chimps)? See, aren’t you glad I’m not President? Of course, if I do say so myself, I believe I may be as good a candidate as any in the running right now. (Oops… did I promise never to be political here? No? Oh good!)

Thankfully this day of Observance that I have unofficially officially declared in a declaratory way, bizarrely enough, is not so bizarre as any of those mentioned above (though I’m really pushin’ for that Chimp day… you know, to level the playing field with all of those presidential candidates out there.) Join in the day of observance! Read on, Oh reader!

In honor of the newly declared day of observance of all things Pageflakey, I am hosting a fun little GIVEAWAY! What am I giving away you ask? Here’s a hint:

Pageflakes Shirt

If that wasn’t enough of a hint then I’ll just have to come right out and tell you, I’m giving away a load of Pageflakes T-shirts! (Five being the number that makes a load.) Thanks Pageflakes for responding so quickly to my desperate plea for free things in my last ode to you post about your wonderfulness. Have I mentioned before that not only is Pageflakes a great personalized internet homepage, it is also run by incredibly cool people that mingle with the commoners and (((gasp))) actually care what we think?!? They do! That’s as refreshing as a drink of mountain spring water on a hot day… If only we got so much love and respect from the phone company and the IRS, this world would be a much happier place, don’t you think? I do.

What, you ask, does one have to do to enter this giveaway? I’m so glad you asked!

To enter this giveaway you first must click HERE and begin building your very own Pageflakes page. But that’s not all… in order to be entered you must create a public Pagecast of some sort. Whether you create a Pagecast that is devoted entirely to knitting or where to do the best snorkelling in the Cayman Islands, or profiles about the presidential candidates or, heck… a Pagecast devoted entirely to the environmental wonders, natural habitat and mating rituals of the Australian Dung Beetle (which might actually be more interesting than the presidential candidate thing) matters not to me. Create a Pagecast about something that you love to do or think about or study or eat or grow or obsess about. THEN come back here and post a comment with the URL to your Pagecast. You do not have to be new to Pageflakes to participate in this contest. I don’t care if you already have 17 Pagecasts, go make a new one and share it here. I must ask that (Dung Beetles notwithstanding) you keep your Pagecast for this contest “clean” in nature. So forget all that I said about the topic not mattering. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s not explicit or illegal. Sorry… it’s my contest on my blog so I get to make the rules! Yay! Hooray for me being the boss of my own contest!

Now, you may be just itchin’ and dyin’ to go make a Pagecast right now because you want one of these T-shirts so badly because you want to be a keener just like me but you are like, “Umm… how do I make a Pagecast?” And that’s why I will tell you how right now.

When you click on any of the links here to Pageflakes you will automatically be transmogrified transported through the mystic portal to a Pageflakes page just waiting to be personalized by you. You will sign up lickity split. You will then build your page which is nothing like building other things that take a long time. Pageflakes has made it super easy to build and customize your own page. Click the round snowflake up in the right hand corner of your new page and you will then be able to choose any flake you want to go on your page. You can change the theme and the layout through the menu that comes up on the left after clicking the flake button. You can also alter the locations of your flakes just by dragging and dropping them where you want them. Pageflakes has thousands of flakes to choose from which can be accessed by clicking the “browse flakes” button. You can also access thousands of RSS feeds from your favorite blogs (hint hint), podcasts, etc…

Then when you have created your page to your satisfaction, in order to make it public you will again hit that round snowflake up in the right hand corner of your page. On the left hand menu select “Make Pagecast,” fill in the necessary fields and click “save changes.” Then copy your URL and come back here and share your pagecast.

The first person to comment with their new Pagecast URL will get their pick of the T-shirts. I have two ladies “baby doll” Tees that are light blue. One is Size Medium and one is Size Large. I have three traditional Tees; One grey – Size Small and Two navy blue – both Size Medium. For the remaining four tees I will do a random draw of the entries.

Now despite the instructions here, please do not think that Pageflakes is difficult to get the hang of. I think I created my first Pagecast in 10 minutes time. And then I quickly became addicted and created several more. It was a nice way to keep all of my favorite places on the web organized by theme.

If you are still curious about how these look feel free to check out any of my own public Pagecasts to get a better idea.

Here are my public Pagecasts:

The Nan Times

Bodacious Blogging Babes which is a really incomplete Pagecast at the moment

Reformation Times

Recipe Roundup

Homeschooling Hub

Photography for the Rest of Us

Fun and Games

Home Brewers Anonymous

Sample Homeschooling Weekly Planner

Now go make those Pagecasts! This contest is open until March 15th so you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with Pageflakes and work on your Pagecast!

5 thoughts on “I hereby declare today International Pageflakes Awareness Day UPDATED POST!!!

  1. Hooray Oak Knoll Mom! You are the first so you get to take your pick of the shirts that I have. E-mail me through the link in my left sidebar to let me know your choice and where you want it shipped! :^D Yay!

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