You know how I posted about little boys and their guns the other day? Remember how I told you that my two year old has a definite flair for the dramatic? Well… I didn’t think you quite got my meaning. I thought maybe you were doubtful as to just how much of an actor he is. So I wanted to give you proof. These videos were taken on two separate days. One early in January and one just yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Mr. Dramatic

  1. I have a Mr. Dramatic too! I love to see all the little things he acts out and makes up–it’s so entertaining!

    Can I just say how refreshing it is to see your messy house? (running and ducking) I only have three boys, and can’t keep up with them and their messes to save my life. 😉 I’m sure the mess was an anomaly and *never* looks like that, but a girl can dream that she’s not the only one who has to move toys and laundry out of the way in order to sit on the sofa!

    Oak Knoll Mom’s last blog post..Mountain Sunrise

  2. Yes, you can definitely say that! :^D I knew that mess would be an encouragement to someone! LOL See around here I would always always be cleaning if I always wanted it to be clean. And I’m sorry… but that’s just no way to live! LOL So we play a lot of ketchup. Hee hee! Catch up here, catch up there… It tends to get somewhat ugly and then we clear the decks and start it all over again… it’s sad how quickly it goes back to ugly though! LOL

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