I’ve been very unbloggy lately. Don’t worry. Don’t give up on me. I go through dry spells like this every couple weeks or months. It usually means something around the house is cleaner than it usually is or I’m doing something like reading something other than the internet. (Please note: I am not reading it on the internet!) It also might mean that I’m busy doing other computery things like photoshopping and designing and learning. Could mean I’m exercising more because oh dear me, I’m going to be in a wedding for the first time in over 6 years!! (Hooray! I love weddings!)

And along those lines, something has got to be done about these dadgum arm loaves (that’s my affectionate name for them). They are taking over my life! Not really. But I do need to do away with them (or at least get them down to maybe hoagie roll like dimensions.)

One time I went to a fundraiser and sat with some of my friends (was invited by the bride-to-be actually) where someone took a picture of all of us sitting at the table. At the end of the evening we were each offered a copy of the picture. It was such a cute picture… except for one thing. My enormous (pasty in color) arm loaf was hanging almost off the edge of the picture, so very Wonder breadish in its loafiness. It was fairly three dimensional from what I could tell. I was forced to refuse the picture on account of being so incurably vain.

One of my darling friends secretly took my copy of the picture home with her. She used this wonderful cropping tool, called a pair of scissors and cut my arm loaf in half, Lord love her. Now that is a real friend. Someone who cuts your arm loaf in half and returns the picture to you without the offending arm loaf glaring at you in all of its wintery white splendor. I was able to keep the picture.

But I refuse to have any arm loaves cut off or in half or in quarters or sixteenths in any picture from the approaching wedding. I am determined to cut my arm loaves in half before the wedding arrives sans scissors and other cropping tools, whether pointy and metal or digital.

In other words, I am trying to lose a little weight and be healthier. That means going for a walk in the morning. It also means going to bed at a decent hour every night among other things. But those two are going to be the things which cut into how often I blog every week.

Don’t worry… I won’t abandon you all! I don’t think I could ever really give up blogging.

12 thoughts on “Maybe you've noticed…

  1. LOL Well, I would have but I didn’t have Photoshop then silly! 🙂

    But thanks for the nice photography talk. It soothes one’s tattered ego, doncha know! LOL

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