is not mine. It’s pretty though isn’t it? I love how shiny it is.

piano on roses

The piano. It’s a wonderful, amazing, beautiful instrument. I should know. I took lessons for five years as a child, which I’m sure you realize is not enough to warrant me saying, “I should know” about it. I’m lucky if I can plink out a basic tune now. Sadly, it’s not at all like riding a bicycle, which while we’re on the topic, neither is riding a bicycle.

Having gone through years of piano lessons and counting out loud to the music, after having to be tortured by the metronome that constantly reminded me of my utter lack of tempo (seriously folks… you do not want to see me attempt to dance…. scary stuff, that), after my mother having to constantly yell in at me, “PRACTICE!!” as I stared out the window thinking of all of the outdoorsy things I’d rather be doing like climbing trees, riding bikes or attempting to learn to skateboard, I now find myself in the position of possibly contemplating getting my oldest son (almost 8 years old) started in piano lessons.

He has expressed somewhat of an interest. He loves piano music and will sometimes come to my computer, open iTunes find Beethoven and click on his favorite piece, Allegro Vivace. He remembers the name of his favorite piano pieces. This is something I never did as a child. And if I did, it was more along the lines of, “Here we go up a row, to a birthday party…” or “The Pajama Party.” (That was one of my recital pieces!) So I guess we may soon be pricing out electric pianos and lessons. Initially he had thought that he wanted to play guitar like Dad but he just has not taken to it as we all thought he would. His younger brother though is displaying a particular talent for it…. though he can’t yet play any actual chords he has really great rhythm and wants to learn.

piano on piano

I love listening to piano music so I sort of hope we do have a piano player amongst us. I just know it’s not me… because Twinkle Twinkle Little Star just doesn’t really count.

5 thoughts on “This instrument…

  1. I followed a link from The School of the Sacred Cows, and came upon your musings about piano lessons. I was one who complained about practicing, and wanted to quit lessons — until something somehow “clicked” and I started to play for enjoyment (I had a wonderful teacher who was willing to have me play popular music, whatever I wanted, just to keep me playing, and it worked! She also started grooming me to follow in her footsteps as our church organist. That helped too.) Anyway, playing piano and organ has enriched my life so much — I’m so glad my parents wouldn’t give in to my pleas to quit my lessons. I hope that your son finds playing piano to be a similar joy in his life (sounds like he has made a good start, before even having a piano!)

    All the best!

    scb’s last blog post..Willow and Daisy

  2. I had a love/hate relationship with the piano. I loved playing, but hated having to practice. I wish now that I had kept up with it. We’ve got the family piano now and my 4 year old can’t wait to start. I hope she continues to love it so that we can start lessons with her and maybe I can get a refresher course.
    good luck!

    rachel’s last blog post..Haiku To You, Too

  3. You will never regret allowing your child the chance to learn an instrument. Our oldest started piano at 5 because he pleaded with the church music minister to teach him. Five years later, he’s still going strong, even if he doesn’t always want to practice. He’s also composing his own music now and it’s not too bad! Our younger boy started guitar this year. He was adament about not playing the same instrument as his brother. I can only imagine what our youngest, a girl, will choose to play when her time roles around…

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