Mountain splendorDo you like where you live? Do you love it? What is your favorite part of where you live? What is your least favorite part? If you don’t like or love where you live, why not? Where would you live if you could live anywhere? If I could live anywhere I’d live snugly between the ocean and a mountain range. I’d be surrounded by friends from every place I have ever lived. And while I’m at it, heck… I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…. La la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa…I think I’ll go pick daisies now and wear a white flowing frock and frolic in the Dandelions, blowing their fluff and setting them free to find a place to nestle and grow… I think I’ll go and feel the earth beneath my lily white feet as I leap like a fawn through the tenderly bowing wildflowers and prairie grasses. I shall go and lie down in a field of poppies and look up at the clouds and imagine myself lying on one and floating like an ethereal breeze above the rising and falling surface of the earth and then I will…. RECORD SCRAAAAATCH.Oops. No daisies yet. Or any other plant life for that matter. My feet are less lily white and more of a pasty tone. And I don’t think I have the musical prowess to teach anyone, let alone the world, to sing in harmony. But I do like those mountains.

12 thoughts on “This is the only reason I can live so far from the Ocean and not go crazy.

  1. The ocean is why I can live so far from the mountains and not go crazy.

    I call the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area my home. It’s also home to about 9 million Speedo-wearing Quebecois from October to April. The changing of the seasons isn’t announced with leaves changing colors. The license plates turn white and blue. Je Me Souviens = get out of my way. I don’t know how to drive!

    The weather is great. The Latin-American influence has really enriched the cultural opportunities here. I just wish we had a better hockey team.

    Elliott – 21st Century Dad’s last blog post..A New Father and a New Man

  2. I live in a suburb of Memphis, TN. My husband works in downtown, Memphis and I love to visit his work and see the mighty Mississippi River with the beautiful bridges that connect Tennessee to Arkansas/life west of the Mississippi.
    The only downfall of living in West Tennessee is that we are on the New Madrid fault line and expect a major earthquake at any time. The last major quake was around 1811 and legend is that the Mississippi River flowed backward to create Reelfoot Lake.
    If I could live anywhere, I think I would pick Nashville, TN. It is a large city with easy access to both mountains and the ocean, but without being too near a hurricane. However, anyplace my loveable hubby is, I’m content and happy!

    DanaBelleBurns’s last blog post..Police Officer in Training

  3. If I could live anywhere, I would live on the Carolina coast, but I absolutely love where I live. The landscape is beautiful, the people are earthy, and strangers aren’t strangers. It’s like chocolate meringue pie, pretty to look at it and even better when you bite into it.

    hulagirlatheart’s last blog post..Out In The Cold

  4. I love living in Chicago, stepping out of our door and having the world at our feet. But I miss having more family around us. I’d love it if my mom or sister could just pop over now and then. Lucky for us, there’s Southwest Airlines!

    Urban Mom’s last blog post..Where Have I Been?

  5. I’m with you girl, plant me snugly between the ocean and a beautiful mountain range with the people I love all around me and I would be a happy woman. I have the ocean now and just a short drive I have mountains, so I can’t really complain.

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