Two posts in one day? You’d think I had spare time on my hands or something. Not really. Today we were just super efficient with school so I had extra time to post earlier today.

Tonight I wanted to see what I could do in photoshop with some pictures I had taken last Summer on our way up the Oregon coast on the way home from our trip “home” to California. This was really fun to do.

I wanted to make these pictures:



into one picture. And I wanted it to look a little more like a painting. So did lots of fiddling until I finally ended up with this… which is pretty close to exactly what I was imagining… a highly saturated watercolory type of combination where you can’t really tell where the one picture ends and the other starts…

Watercolor Beach Flower

Okay… now I’m off to fold that mountain of laundry that has been calling my name…

4 thoughts on “What's this??

  1. As much as I like the photo edit combining the two, I think I prefer the two originals. They’re all beautiful, though! Nice work.

    I lost your blog for a while and Mom2LegoManiacs helped me find it. I hadn’t updated the bookmark like I thought I had and the old address wasn’t giving me the new link. Then I go to fix it today and the old address is now giving the new link. Yeah, now that I have it already! Oh well, no matter how it happened, at least I can get here now:o)

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..Spring Break in the Heartland

  2. I FINALLY remembered to add your NEW feed to my reader…. While I have pulled up your page several times…I kept forgetting that pesky (IMPORTANT) STEP!!

    There’s lots to like over in these here parts, my dear :). I’m having fun wandering around your blog checking out everything.

    Silly girl that I am.

    BTW, I LOVE these photos–all of ’em. I’m wondering how much more you can do with a D-80 than a D-40 (my hubby about died w/how much we paid for the D-40!!!). You’ve come a long way, baby ;).

    Robin (PENSIEVE)’s last blog post..Today’s Wordless Wednesday: Pink Sunshine

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