So I’m a very sensitive sleeper. I have sleep issues. Lots of them. Frankly, I am a weirdo when it comes to sleep. From night time teeth grinding to very vivid dreams that I can I recall with clarity and torture my husband with in the morning to recurring night terrors (actually a sleep disorder) to chronic insomnia, I do not sleep easy. I just do not. I could really and truly be on a bed of roses and I’m sure all I would feel would be the thorns.

I am emphatically picky about pillows. I have spent too much money trying to find just the right pillow. Can’t be too lofty, can’t be too goosey, can’t smell funny, can’t be too lumpy, can’t be too hard or too high or too low or too… well, you get the point. It has to be just perfect. I don’t think I’ve found just that pillow yet but I’m sure I’m whittling my way down through all the options so I am guaranteed to figure it out eventually I think.

In a similar vein I am intricately aware of how dark or light a room is. I really prefer to sleep in pitch blackness or as close to it as possible. I hate nightlights and slits in curtains or flashing toothbrush chargers beaming their beacons from the bathroom. I hate street lights that burglarize us in the night by way of the windows and then manage to wind their way around corners and down otherwise darkened halls to curl their incandescent fingers around the doorway to my bedroom and undeviatingly smack dab in the middle of my retinas.

I must be part gremlin or something but I really do not like light anywhere in the vicinity of my eyeballs at night when I am trying my best to fall asleep already. Unless you too suffer with onset insomnia you might not understand the frustration that this can be.

Each night since we have moved into this house I have cursed the home security system that was in the house when we bought it. I mean, it’s a nice feature and all and I suppose that if we actually activated it, it would maybe make me feel somewhat safer. I like that it tells us if a door is opened. But I have hated it. I have cursed it on a nightly basis. The reason why is that we have a control panel for it in our room, one on which it is impossible to turn the little green light off (the one that lights the digital display). Okay… maybe perhaps it’s somehow possible to turn it off (and to set the clock for that matter) but we do not have the owner’s manual or whatever it is that tells one how to accomplish these seemingly simple tasks.

Each night the security panel shines its radiant beams of intense green light directly into my eyes and it makes falling to sleep all the more difficult. Not a problem when your eyes are closed but strangely enough, through all my efforts at figuring out how to get to sleep I have found that trying to force myself to keep my eyes opened is one of the few sure ways to help me get to sleep.

Every night I have thought about making some sort of little security console cozy. Something that was elastic around the edge. Something that was dark in color so as to completely block out the light. Something that to my mind didn’t exist. Something that I would have to make some sort of ridiculous sewing project out of (for if you really knew my sewing abilities, sock monkeys notwithstanding, you would naturally assume the end result to look somewhere in the neighborhood of ridiculous.)

But tonight I had a revelation. I had just the thing. And the answer…. oh, the answer to all of my night time troubles… well, at least one of them was being run through my washing machine and dryer on a daily basis. How could I have been so daft? How could it never have struck me before? The answer was lying in my little boy’s dresser just across the hall.


And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

11 thoughts on “The answer to all my sleep problems… well, one of them anyways.

  1. OH My goodness! That is hysterical! Not the fact that you have so much sleeping..but the lovely photo. I too have trouble sleeping…my problem is that I just can’t turn my brain off. I have just so many ideas for things I want to accomplish or get done the next day or over the next few months…forever..but I can’t get them to stop “talking” to me! I was up almost all night lastnight with Kylie because she caught Peter’s cold. I could just kill him for passing it along! Melody has started the coughing it is going to be a long couple of weeks with no sleep for me. Usually I am up till about 2 or 3 am and get up around 8am. It isn’t enough sleep though. I would be happy to get about 10-12 hours of sleep but that never happens in a house with children! Enough of my rambling. Thanks for sharing your idea! 🙂

    Greta’s last blog post..Free Card

  2. My husband also has an issue with little red or green dots of lite on various clocks,phones,thermostats,etc. My alarm clock is ridiculously bright. I mean with this clock we don’t even need a lamp in the room! I cover it every night with a small towel,sock or whatever is on hand! His father has it too. he covers the vcr, and various lights with black electrical tape! I hope your new “panel cozy” helps you sleep bettre!

    Danielle’s husband’s last blog post..A Visit To The Dentist

  3. I am glad you found a solution to your problem now I have an alarm clock the the numbers are about 3″ tall and very bright. My husband has decided to put a pillow on top of it so you can not see the light. and the last clock we had was so bright it was like having a light on in the room so we gave it to our youngest as a night light.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Question??????

  4. That’s what I call problem solving! We have the same, unactivated, security box in our bedroom. Plus, right above our bed is the dang smoke alarm which also has a bright green light that shines down upon us all night long. Wonder if I can hang a piece of dark clothing from the ceiling!

  5. I feel your pain about not sleeping. My sleep problems came from working 24 hour shifts, being up from days on end when I was a medic. Now that I have been off of an ambulance for 10 years the sleep issues have never resolved themselves. It is infuriating. I love your solution to the issue of the green light, very creative!

    Jyl’s last blog post..Spelling Bee results

  6. Nan – Thank you for proving to my wife that I’m not crazy!!

    My 2 biggest offenders are the streetlight 1/4 of a mile away that I’ve actually looked at out the window and wondered if I could hit it with a small caliber rifle, and our neighbor’s floodlight that’s turned on by a motion detector. When it comes on, it projects a perfectly annoying beam onto the wall opposite our bed. I mean, really, a motion detector on a light? In a town with the highest concentration of deer in New Jersey?? It’s madness…


    Danielle’s husband’s last blog post..A Visit To The Dentist

  7. You’re killin’ me…! I would have taped some cardboard or something (at least till I could figure out some other permanent option…) over it months ago!!! I definately appears to add to the ambiance in your room!
    Love ya!

  8. haha! same alarm system console in our bedroom, same bright lights on all the numbers shining for years into my eyes as I try to sleep!!! I bought sticky-backed felt for a buck from Wal-mart, stuck it around the edges and over the front, I think I may even have used two layers! Voila! And that baby ain’t never comin’ off! and it’s nice and dark. Nowf for the alarm clocks…

    Helen’s last blog post..Kenan’s Prayer

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