These pictures aren’t quite as old as the one I posted yesterday obviously, since the subjects are still little, but they were taken before my Photoshop craze days. So I deicided to pop some of them over to Photoshop to see what I could do with them. I mostly just like making them into black and white. I love black and white photos.

These are of my second son, who is now six… From the moment of his birth… (Umm… no, I did not take these just in case you were wondering! LOL)

Being Born BW

Here is when I was getting my first look at him…

Tuck born BW

And here he is when he was almost two, wearing a bow tie…

bowtiebigsmiletuck BW

I love that picture!

And then I wanted to play with a couple from when my “baby” was really a baby…

Cooper newborn BW

And then he got put under the little tent. I’ve always loved this picture of his Daddy holding his tiny hand… But I must admit, in black and white, with the edges burnt, it appears even more poignant than usual… (He was born 5 weeks early…)

Daddy and Cooper hold hands BW

And here he was intubated…

Cooper intubated BW

The little dude tried yanking his mouth tubes and head tubes out at the same time so he had to be sedated. Poor baby…

I’ll never forget how when we brought him home and gave him his first bath (he had so much tape stuck to him!) that he fell right to sleep in the bathtub. It was the cutest thing…

Cooper Bath BW


If you’ve gathered that I’ve got a wee touch of baby fever you’d probably be right. And yet, I am very satisfied with my four little guys… and not so fond of leaving babies in the hospital for weeks and weeks. My babies come earlier and earlier each time. Nope, we are complete (to our knowledge…) But I still can’t help getting just a touch of baby fever when I see my friends have babies (and therefore remember so vividly the birth of my own.)

sleeping Cooper watercolor


7 thoughts on “Old pictures and baby fever…

  1. Remember they are more fun when you can give them back. We can sugar them up and be wild with them just like everyone did with ours.
    I love babies to but I do not want anymore. Happy with my two babies.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Family Time

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