This week’s Round Robin Photo Challenge theme is Signs of Spring. I have to laugh because yesterday was a lovely day, most of it. It fairly mild and sunny throughout the morning and half of the afternoon. We decided that it had been an awful long time since we’d BBQed hamburgers. So we got the meat on the grill when all of a sudden it started snowing… and blowing… blowing swirling snow encircled the man at the BBQ and his little helper, my barefooted toddler who was out helping Daddy.And really, Spring around here is signified less by the color green and blooming flowers and more by the signature March snow “dumps”… the heavy wet ones… The ones that come when you are least expecting it and almost beginning to feel like winter is over. WHAM!! Spring snow dump! Thankfully yesterday’s snowfall turned out to be a mere trifle. But it was just too funny because yesterday I had been hoping to get some more pictures of Spring. But I didn’t get out… :^( However I did take a handful of pictures last week or the week before of the tiny buds on one of our trees in the backyard so those will have to suffice for now. I might be able to get out this afternoon and get some more but until then here’s what I got!

We will start seeing our flowers rising from their wintery graves in April and May… until then we just hope that any snowfalls that happen melt and evaporate quickly!




Make sure to go to the Round Robin site and get the whole list of participants so you can see the signs of Spring from all different parts of the continent!

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13 thoughts on “Round Robin Photo Challenge: Signs of Spring

  1. I think I saw some buds like that on a tree at the park I was walking around yesterday. Do they bloom into white flowers? Very nice close ups of the buds, and the promise of spring. 🙂


    Monica’s last blog post..Signs of Spring

  2. Oh, I love pussywillow!! I wish we had some! But this tree is actually a Swedish Aspen… or was it a Trembling Aspen??? We have both… I can’t remember which is which in our yard… they’re so similar. LOL

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