I don’t have to have a real reason right?

The monkey man… err… uh… umm… I mean The Pastor.

monkey man

Just as cute as any baby monkey…

Squint Shawn

He’s pure and perfect… with eyes like the sea after a storm… (ten points if you know the movie off hand… points can be used at any sdfaowueroinad store near you. What?  You don’t have those where you live?) Oh and he’s not pure and perfect. But he does have lovely eyes if I do say so myself.

eyeball man

And my baby…

Monkey baby

The eyes have it 2

The Thumbsucker

The eyes have it

This one is sort of a sicky today…

sicky 2

sicky 1


Tonight we had breakfast for dinner. We had eggs and toast and hot cocoa. Everyone else seemed to have been served their hot cocoa before him so my baby was growing impatient. He raised his voice and said, “I want caffeine! I want caffeine please!”


Earlier today he decided that he was Piglet and Daddy was Pooh and that they would catch a Woozle together. He then decided that Daddy was a Woozle and proceeded to jump on him. He then decided that Daddy was again Pooh and the couch cushion was a Woozle. He then decided that he would eat it. He took an enormous fake bite out of it. And then decided (with a great deal of spitting and bleching and flarghing and wapping at his mouth) that Woozles tasted very yucky and had too much fur.


I hope you all have had a Happy Easter… one full of hope and peace that passes understanding…

9 thoughts on “Ummm… because I can?

  1. Name that movie? of course The Princess Bride: Buttercup to the Dread Pirate Roberts referring to Westly (one in the same of course). I LOVE that movie..thanks for the unusual reference.

    Now , can I get mt. Hermon points? 😉

    Good Yarns’s last blog post..A Real Sweet Baby!

  2. Princess Bride, as others have indicated. And it is the best movie ever. We quote it non-stop around here, with each family member having his or her favorite lines. Mine? As the boys are unloading in carpool line each morning…”Bye bye boys, have fun storming the castle!”

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