Today is for learning something that’s new

Today is for doing

the things that we do

Today is for writing

a page in a book

Today is for taking

a lingering look

Today is for watching

the snow softly fall

Today is for making

a difficult call

Today is for aching

for tomorrow’s delights

Today is for putting

those aches out of sight

Today is for conjuring

a face from the past

Today is for hoping

that the memories last

Today is for pressing

the hope for tomorrow

Deep into our souls

past the skin, bones and marrow

Today is for seeking

He whom is to be found

Today is for hearing

a beautiful sound

Today is for reaching

for him who is near

Today is for hearing

his voice in our ears

Today is for turning

our hearts toward his voice

Today is for resting

in his sovereign choice

By Me.

7 thoughts on “Today…

  1. Wonderful poem, thank you! We used to live in Calgary, Alberta, now we’re in Wisconsin. We had a dog who sat exactly like that on the stairs! Funny. But, the best bit was seeing the fracas break out, think, oh no! and little tears started falling. Of course, you can then go inside, and Mom can help, and Dog can help. Most of all, Jesus can help. He’s been there.

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