(Lyrics slightly altered by yours truly…)

The Boss 3

Oh yes folks we’ve got trouble… (You see this one thinks he’s the boss and he’s not too fond of little people who are so audacious as to completely scorn his will. He’s the boss and he’s not too happy.)


The Boss 2


Trouble, oh we got trouble, (You see he feels that he has been working tirelessly at putting all the dirt in one particular spot, a spot from which he feels it ought not be moved.)

The Boss 5

Right here in River City! (He looks on incredulously as the young mocker haphazardly kicks dirt out of said particular locale.)


(Trouble) With a capital “T” (kick kick)

The Boss6

That rhymes with “d” (Thank you for this lesson in rhyming.)

The boss

And that stands for dirt,
That stands for dirt. (And something is boiling below the surface here.)

Onlookers smell a scuffle in the air…

Beautiful Bruce

Quality Control Manager Bruce

We’ve surely got trouble! (Onlookers are helpless to help the unhelpable situation.)

The Boss 4

Right here in River City, (And it’s no longer under the surface folks…Mercury rising. A fight breaks out. There is civil unrest. Mom cannot figure out who is being worse so the loudest one gets banished to a chair.)


Right here!
Gotta figger out a way
To keep the young ones from being so pert!




Disgruntled underling

Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble…

And then everybody forgot about all the trouble and we went inside…

Rock Boy

“Mommy, I have this rock for you.”

Thank you darlin’!

Bruce waits for his little buddy, the straggler, at the top of the stairs.

dog up the stairs

“Are ya okay little buddy? Do you need any help?”

Dog up stairs 2

7 thoughts on “We've got trouble…

  1. Awwwwwwwww
    I could *hear* that cry. *sniff*
    Ok so it started out as an ear piercing screech and I appropriately covered my ears, but after that :p

    Tara’s last blog post..BlogThings

  2. Thanks ladies! Your comments are so fun to read!

    He is a pretty sweet dog Miz B. I can’t blame you for coveting! ;^P But he had his issues when he came to us. He’s come a long way since October!

    Melissa, that tear did show up just beautifully didn’t it? What kind of cruel mother am I? LOL

    Jennifer, do you just hate it when you can’t decide who is really more at fault than the other? I just picked the loudest offender! LOL

    Tara, you were right… it was ear piercing… for longer than a second though!

    LB, I’m going to have to come read about your Trouble!

  3. There are so many photos I can’t comment on the ones I especially like. BUt I do love the one where he’s holding the paper and the one where the dog is coming through the fence. I love you’re little tutorial, I do intend to do that too. Really cute photos overall!! Nice work.

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