Have you ever heard the song, “Why does the sun shine?“, which has been re-recorded by They Might Be Giants? We all love that song around here. The kids practically know it off all by heart. Well, this post has nothing to do with that song.

But the sun is wonderful especially when it is hiding behind some clouds and shining through a window. I mean, it happens practically every day but when I am in a picture taking mood I never feel unexcited about nice lighting. It worked beautifully for me yesterday when I had the pleasure of taking more pictures of a newborn baby and her family after church. (Sorry, you don’t get to see those pictures unless you happen to know the parents!)

So I brought my camera to church to take a couple (hundred) photos of the babe. And I took a bunch of the windows at church because I found the light to be somewhat entrancing and eerily beautiful.

church windows shadows

church window2


I never really noticed how pretty this skylight was before yesterday. I can’t decide if I like it better in color or black and white? (Not that it matters…)

roofwindow color

roofwindow BW

I do have a handful of pictures left to show you from the other day when my kids were playing legos and I couldn’t leave them alone because the light and my camera wouldn’t let me.

T looking down color

This child is my ham. He is my own personal perpetual motion machine. He is my own New Years Eve noise maker. And I love him.

t BW looking down

And he has dimples that do something to my soul.

laughing t 2

dimple heaven

I swear I could spackle that thing. I’d have to spackle it with frosting though… it seems the only fitting medium.

T playing2

pensive T

There’s that nice glowy effect I was telling you about the other day. Doesn’t it make him look like a quiet pensive type of child?

Oh, how misleading it is… But I wouldn’t change him for the world, though I do sometimes wish he came with a volume knob.

T Laughing

This is what starts happening when your children get tired of you taking pictures of them. I’m sure some of us can relate.

talk to the hand 2

talk to the hand

get out of my face 2

get out of my face1

It’s the paparazzi!!

And then I get the ultimate message, which cannot really be misinterpreted as anything other than, “Get your camera out of my face woman!”

butt out2

And so I listened and reevaluated my life and turned the camera off. And maybe tickled him instead.

On another completely different note, it’s snowing outside and has been for the past two days. But it seems to be evaporating almost as quickly as it falls. It’s not warm enough to really melt but the ground is warmer than the air so the snow seems to just turn to steam as the day progresses.

Here it was at about 9:30 in the morning…


Snowy Bench 2

snowy shrubs at church

I’m really likin’ the bokeh in that picture above.

snowy trees at church

Snowy Ground at church

And here is a picture of the snow steam that was making visibility just a little less than perfect as we drove home from church.

snow steam

In addition to taking a bunch of pictures yesterday we also had the pleasure of taking a 3D 360 degree slow motion guided tour of the street on which our church meeting place is located. From my vantage point I was additionally treated to getting to watch a small pole heading slowly in my direction, along with a curb and a bush. Our 4 x 4 white Suburban was obviously throwing a tantrum and thought this the perfect opportunity to let us know that it still has a mind of its own. Fortunately the pole stopped before hitting us and we just turned the 360 into a 675 and kept going on our way to church. These things really do happen in slow motion and it’s rather entertaining to watch the faces of the other drivers as they watch you go on your unanchored merry-go-round ride. Their eyes get really big, then they flinch and then peek out again between their fingers and then sigh with relief when you don’t collide with anything of consequence.

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