It’s so girly.  Since I started changing up my headers every month I’ve had a work lunchbox, a Beatles lunchbox and a Roy Rogers lunchbox… I guess it’s about time I had something girly!  I think we had this lunchbox.  I know we had Holly Hobbie curtains at some point in time.

What kind of lunchbox did you have growing up?  And for that matter, what kind of curtains and sheets and pillow cases did you have? Did you have any special place settings or cutlery that you and your siblings would fight over?

We had a bunny plate and mug (the mug was a lop eared bunny so one ear was a handle) that I absolutely loved and always wanted to use whenever I caught sight of it up in the cupboard.  I still find it somewhat irresistible when I go home to visit.  And we also had a Geoffrey the Giraffe plastic plate as well as Mickey, Donald and Goofy metal cutlery.  I just loved those.  I clearly remember having fights over those things.

17 thoughts on “Like my new header?

  1. I DO like your new header!

    And you know what? I totally can’t remember my lunch boxes growing up! I think I mostly used paper bags… although I do vaguely remember a barbie lunch kit. I don’t know if it was mine or I just really wanted it.

    I had just your regular run of the mill sheets. But I did have a really cool ceramic mug that had a ducky in the bottom of it… when you drank the liquid in the cup the ducky looked like it was swimming. I loved that mug!

    Tara’s last blog post..Drip drip drip drip

  2. My brothers and I would fight over stupid things like spoons. We had this one spoon that was different than all the others. I don’t know, it was rounder or something. we always fought over it when we had dessert. apparently we had all decided that it was an “ice cream” spoon. noone ever used it for cereal or soup. I think we were just bored.
    Now my boys fight over.. well, spoons. we have a few that are different and have”pointy tips” as they say. thank goodness I have at least three. I’ve been tempted to throw them out! oy!

    Danielle’s last blog post..Chick Flicks and the men who Love Them….

  3. Oooh! I DO like! I had a Dukes of Hazard lunch box, a Muppets lunch box, AND (get this): A Menudo lunch box!!!! Can you believe it? I crack up over that. See, I can talk about it now because Ricky Martin was such a hottie there for a while. But for a good ten years or so, I would’ve never admitted it.



  4. I did our time travel post today about our childhood dishes 🙂
    My lunchbox was identical to the one in your header which is adorable btw!
    I wish I knew how to make my blog three columns… I’m clueless now that me & blogger have departed company.

  5. Ya know…I’m kinda thinking I may have had a Holly Hobbie lunchbox myself. But then again, like you said, I’m sure I had SOMEthing HH so, who knows :p
    I know I had a nifty metal one or two, I’m just drawing a big blank. All I can remember is a red plastic Garfield one. *yawn*
    I loved loved loved the McDonald’s plates and glasses. Oh and I remember an Oscar the Grouch plastic mug/cup. I think we had Ernie and Elmo too, but Oscar managed to hang around the longest. And my cousin had the cups that looked like an orange. Remember the whole ‘stick a straw in an orange’ deal? Yeah..that. We’d fight over that. (I had no siblings growing up, all such fights were amongst my cousins and me, mostly at g-parents house hehe)
    Sheets…hmm…all I can remember there is yellow and white gingham checked bedspread.
    Yeah I didn’t get many ‘indulgences’…McDonald’s dinnerware was about it LOL

    I’m diggin’ your Holly Hobbie stuff, Nan. :giggle:

    Tara’s last blog post..A Day at the Park

  6. I had Strawberry Shortcake everything. My whole bedroom was decked out in Strawberry Shortcake and my lunch box, some name it! I still have a kids cookbook that I got way back when that I plan on using with the girls ..soon actually..just about the right age. (Melody is almost 4! I still can’t believe it)

    I do love how you can change your header..hopefully one day I can figure out something like that myself.

    As a child I also had silverware that had Mickey and Minnie on it ..just for me! My brother never wanted to use it because it was too kiddish…lol. (He is 5 years older than me.) I still have my Mickey fork and I let my kids use it. Oh the memories it brings back every time I take that fork out of the drawer.

  7. OMG! Holly Hobby! I SOOO had that box and Thermos set when I was a kid! Loved it, miss it … and yep, I like your header. Changing each month? I gotta stop by more often …

  8. Oh! I had that lunch box. I have such nice memories now of those yummy lunches from my mom (usually, PB&J with tomato soup, grapes, and two Oreos)… not such great memories of elementary school, though. I]ll just focus on the Oreos.

    The Tutor’s last blog post..Death By Bryophyte

  9. My mom STILL has that lunchbox on the left. My lunchboxes were all plastic not metal, and they had characters like My Little Pony and Fluppy Dogs on them. I wonder what happened to the Fluppy Dogs?

    Rachel’s last blog post..Yummy Veggies…

  10. I actually had this very lunchbox! My brothers & I all had plates that we made. We drew with markers on a round piece of paper & sent it off somewhere & got our own homemade plates back. We also had Bambi sheets & later as the sheets wore out we’d use the pillowcases everytime we went camping. I still have the pillowcases (& also some Strawberry Shortcake ones) & my husband & I still use them whenever we go on trips.

    Sherilyn’s last blog post..“Music Please!”

  11. I had Holly Hobbie sheets. I loved her and Laura Ingles and I wanted to dress just like them with the bonnet, full skirts and apron. Then later I decided if I ever had a little girl I’d dress her like that. Thankfully I have three boys so no little girls have been subjected to my style. 🙂

    On the other hand, have you seen the new and “improved” Holly Hobbie? Gag me with a spoon. 😉

    Robin’s last blog post..Library Elf

  12. I had a Six Million Dollar Lunch Box – Steve Austin – aka the Bionic Man. It was awesome.

    I always wanted the “Planet of the Apes” one that Arnold Horshack used to carry to High School on “Welcome Back Kotter”. That looked awesome.

    My wife wants to know (ok I do too!), when will Apronpaolozza 2008 begin????

    Will’s last blog post..Penoedmo – Almost Done

  13. Will, I’ve seen that one! I think I’m going to use it in my header soon… :^D

    Apronpalooza… I can honestly say, I’m not sure! I don’t know if I have the energy for it again… Can you believe that? Did I just say that? I’ll keep you posted…

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