I took this picture of a very dirty red rotary phone at a neat old fire station where my cousin is a firefighter. We had the pleasure of staying with his family last Summer when we drove home from California and we were treated to a field trip of sorts at the Fire Station. You can imagine how much my boys enjoyed the time there.

Soooo, now that I told the whole reason for me having taken this picture, here is the original picture of the old red rotary phone.

phone original

Well, today I was feeling just a wee bit inspired by this phone. And Photoshop was calling my name. Everything I did with this photo was done using just a few basic tools and actions in Photoshop.

What I did first was open the original phone image in Photoshop. It was a wonderful nostalgic red as you can see above. I first fixed the contrast a bit by clicking image/adjustments/auto contrast followed by a minor adjustment using filter/sharpen/unsharp mask. I just wanted crisp lines.

phone red

Then I went back over to image/adjustment and selected selective color. There is where the fun really begins. You can change the color of the phone in about 100 different ways, both subtle and umm… well, not so subtle.

phone blue phone greenphone yellowphone pinkphone light pinkphone orangephone aqua

By using the drop down menu at the top of the selective color box and selecting different basic colors and then just playing with the sliders you can make an image take on just about any color in the world.

phones original

phones glass

So whenever I had it at a fun color that made me smile, I then saved the image, using a different title each time (like “phone red” and “phone orange” and “phone lime green“), you know, really super creative names that you might name your next child after. Or not.

phones neon

phones neon nights

Then I created a new photoshop image by clicking file/new and then selecting the various image qualities I wanted such as RGB/image size/transparent background/Pixels per inch (PPI).

phones neon day

Once I had my blank canvas there I began dropping all of the various colored phones onto that canvas using the arrow tool. Just click and drag the image you want to move, over to the new canvas. I then had to resize each image as I dropped it to be the size/proportions, etc. that I wanted them to be.ย  I did this by selecting edit/transform/scale and then grabbing the corners and making it the size I preferred. Then I hit enter to save the scale transform.ย  And then I arranged them how I saw fit. To grab and move each different part, I selected the layer on which that image was located in the layers palette. (When you drop new images onto a canvas, each image by default becomes its own layer.)

phones pastel

Once I had them all lined up and arranged how I wanted them, I then went to my layers palette and selected the very bottom layer, right clicked on it and at the bottom of the menu that popped up I clicked flatten image. This made all the phones into one layer.

I then went and applied various actions and/or filters to get the funky different looks you see here (and also applying my favorite framing action), then, I again flattened the image (which can also be done by clicking layer/flatten image) saving each image with a different, and very unique and creative name like, “phones neon” or “phones pastel.” I’m really creative like that.

And voila! A whole bunch of Funky Photoshop Phone Art. Have I ever mentioned that I love alliteration?

phones neon edges

11 thoughts on “One Picture, Many Roads…

  1. I love your PhotoShop creations. I this post even came with name ideas for our babe on the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very artsy-fartsy, Nan, and I mean that in a good way:o) I love what you’ve done with that one photo, making it into some kind of pop art piece(s). I never would have thought to do something like that, but the effect is fabulous.

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..The Firemen

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