This evening I was repeatedly  told I was the best Mom ever and that I was like Mr. Magorium because I “made” some new bath toys.  All of the kids old bath toys had gotten disgustingly corroded.  I never did find a good bath toy storage solution.  Plus I’m just lazy about bath toys.  So the bath toys all seemed to have a permanent nasty residue that has built up on them over the last 8 years.  They’ve had a good run.  I don’t feel too bad.  Plus, I love getting rid of things.  So last week I went on a rampage and the bath toys were gone.

Inevitably I have had guilt pangs each time I’ve given the children baths since then, though I never have those guilt pangs when I give them showers, which is our primary method for cleaning children here, so fortunately I’d avoided the uncomfortable pangs of guilt rather successfully.  But tonight they hit me.  (Is it just me or has it become ridiculous these days what we mothers will go and manufacture guilt over when there is either nothing really important to feel guilty about or when we are maybe perhaps trying to avoid some really important guilt that we probably need to feel?)  So I went to my “tupperware drawer” which should really just be called the Glad Storage Container Drawer and I pulled out a couple of items that looked like they could be fun in the bathtub.

  • A basting brush
  • A funnel
  • A microwave egg poacher that is no good at its real job and
  • Two Glad storage containers – one small and one large

I took one of my trusty metal Shish Kabob skewers and put about 9 holes in the bottom and 9 holes on the sides near the bottom of the larger container.  And then I poked several holes in the bottom of the smaller container.

My children couldn’t wait to get in the bathtub and try out their “fancy new toys.”  Children are easy.

As my two year old painted the sides of the tub with the basting brush, my four year old sat and emptied and refilled the large Glad storage container with gleaming eyes and a shining smile. He repeatedly said, “That’s awesome Mom!  I can’t believe you *MADE* this!  You are the BEST Mom ever.”

I really had no idea it would be so easy to be so labeled.  Had I only known, I would have skewered my Glad storage containers years ago!

Okay, so that was Random thing #1.

Random thing #2 would be me saying THANK YOU for all of your kind compliments on my photography/editing recently.  It’s really encouraging and makes me feel as if there is really maybe perhaps something resembling some sort of a future in this obsession hobby of mine.  The feedback has been wonderful and I can’t tell you all enough how much it means to me.  Really.

Random thing #3 would be that my two year old son’s new favorite word that he repeats as he toddles through the house is, “Viet-uh-mese.”  This is probably because we love ourselves some Vietnamese cuisine.  It’s our favorite food for which to go out to eat.  Our 6 year old persists in calling it “Viet-the-mese” no matter how many times we remind him of its true pronunciation. Same goes for Darth Vader.  He always calls him Darth Thater.

Random thing #4 would be that my two year old is obsessed with his belly button and gets mad if I don’t look at it when he tells me to or talk about it with him when he wants to talk about it.

Random thing #5  would be that I love me some hot lookin’ pensive Pastor.  And I didn’t know how much I would like this picture of him when I took it.  That is one sexy sophisticated man…. Um.  Is it getting hot in here?  Would somebody please go turn on a fan already for pity’s sake?!


8 thoughts on “Randomocity

  1. One of my favorite lines in the movie “Raising Helen”, is when cute pastor John Corbet says,
    “I’m a sexy man of God.” What could be better?

  2. Hubba Hubba Hubby 🙂 I thought about John Corbett’s line in Raising Helen too. Have you read the Mitford books by Jan Karon, btw? I think you would love them if you haven’t. The main characters are an Episcopalian pastor and his neighbor/wife; exceptionally well written and endlessly entertaining.

    Jennifer Robin’s last blog post..Dear Princess Cupcake,

  3. Congratulations on making “Best Mom” !!!! Kids are so easy. My Sunday School class fell in love with me last week because I let them spend the entire class time making posters for our Mission’s Sunday. My own kids think I’m cool when I get out my toys from my childhood and let them play. My oldest is almost 5 and I don’t think she quite gets that I was a kid at one time too. LOL

    Nice pic of your husband! It seems like so many of the blogs I read rave about their husbands. I’m tempted to start my own blog so I can talk about my husband 🙂 He is away right now and I REALLY miss him. Anyways, great shot. I love visiting your site to see your newest photos.

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