My oldest boy turns 8 today. We all went swimming at a local aquatic centre this morning for his birthday celebration. Tonight we are eating tacos and then birthday cake. I can’t believe this child is 8 years old. I don’t know how that happened so fast. He knows how proud I am of him.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered this glorious food blog, Smitten Kitchen. Please don’t click that link just yet. If you do, you will be sucked in to the vortex of pleasurable food images and I fear you’ll never return. You will indeed be smitten as I am. While drooling over the many amazing recipes on the site my son and I suddenly happened upon this, (don’t go there yet, I told you!!! Please STAY!!! I will reward you with pictures of CAKE!) a recipe for a homemade Ding Dong. Okay, so I haven’t had one of these since I was maybe 8 years old myself but when we saw this, we both looked at each other and KNEW this was what we had to make for his birthday cake. It looked too glorious not to make it.

So we bought all the necessary ingredients. We even bought fancy chocolate since Callebaut chocolate is made right here in Calgary. We couldn’t settle for anything less.

After getting home from our swimming outing and eating our lunch we began to make the cake. The batter smelled and tasted heavenly. I poured it into the cake pans and was going to pour it into some a cupcake pan as well since I had extra as the recipe was meant to fill two 10 inch cake pans and I only had 9 inch cake pans. When I turned around to fill my cupcake holders my greedy gut of a toddler decided that he could not wait 2.2139 seconds to get a spoon to lick. So he decided to pull one of the full cake pans down so as to help himself.

batter spatter 3

This took all of four seconds to turn into a really awful mess. People screaming, cake batter streaming, smiles no longer beaming and all manner of mayhem that one would assume might ensue after such a heinous crime! Little greedy gut was covered from his lips to his feet in chocolate cake batter, the floor was spattered, there were sprays and flecks up on the wall. The dog decided he was fond of chocolate and so had to be bustled outside as quickly as possible.

batter splatter2

Greedy Gut was sent to bed for some down time sans even a lick of batter, the floor and walls were cleaned up and thankfully we had batter to spare after the whole sordid mess!

batter splatter

The cake was baked and cooled and it looked like this. And yes, I cut a gaping hole in the middle layer of this cake and filled it full of this glorious white marshmallow frosting!

cake pre-frosting

But as if that’s not good enough… we went and did this…

pouring frosting3

pouring frosting2

And this…

frosting 2

And this…


and then it looked like this…



And then I declared this cake to be the 8th wonder of the modern world and we decided that rather than eat it we would bronze it and save it for eternity.

Yeah. Right.


Each and every calorie laden crumb was worth it. You know the term, sinfully delicious? That term was coined back in 1849 when this cake was first made. In the dictionary next to the word evil there is a picture of this very cake. You know the term better than s…. salad? That phrase was made up after someone ate this cake also. Really. I promise. It’s way better than SALAD.

Another wonderful year with our son and another memorable birthday. And never, ever, ever a dull moment.



blowing out 2

blowing out 3

burning out 8 2

cutting cake

piece of cake

cut cake 1

Happy birthday son. We love you.

16 thoughts on “The 8 year old and the 8th wonder of the modern world

  1. My heart just fluttered and my keyboard is now soaked. LOL That looks wonderfull. I must make this for my dad. He loves ding dongs. Happy Bday to your son!

  2. Ladies, it really is as good as it looks! I am having to conjure up all of my will power to not go and eat another piece right now. Must go to bed. Must not eat cake at midnight.

  3. I just had a birthday too and I ate lots of cake. I thought for sure I had enough till I saw your photos!!! Love the one first one you have of the birthday boy looking at his cake…awesome photos!!

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