10 Reasons why anyone should be happy to move to Alberta

Reason #1 – Because you love beauty:

Lake Louise Postcard Practice

Reason #2 – Because snow is pretty:

Snowy Bench 2

Reason #3 – Because you need mountains in your life :

Mountain splendor Reason #4 – Because it’s the land where all the pastors are really hot: Shawninkitchen Reason #5 – Because it’s a place where everyone experiences the same level of static electricity and everyone gets toque (pr. took, meaning “winter hat”) hair: BadzHairDay Reason #6 – Because you don’t realize how much you love snow and because booger freezing temperatures are scientifically proven to be good for your sinuses… I think.: treetop Reason #7 – Because you like birds: Gray Jay PC
Reason #8 – Because you didn’t know this color actually existed in nature: DSC_0231Reason #9 – Because you know really really cool people who live here:
DSC_0982And Reason #10 – Because I will make you Mexican food and cake if you move here:
cakeside3 What other possible reasons could one need?

16 thoughts on “10 Reasons in pictures

  1. oh I DO need more mountains in my life! And if the hot pastor’s are supposed to live in Alberta than I my hubby should DEFINITELY live there! Honestly I would love to live there. I miss Alberta. I miss the mountains. I miss the colour of Lake Louise. Although I have plenty of snow where I am thank-you very much.

    Have you ever considered marketing your pictures to tourism Alberta?

    Tara R’s last blog post..Winning stuff makes my day happier

  2. Nice try, Nan. But, um, I still don’t think I could handle the booger freezing temperatures..no matter HOW good they may be for my sinuses :p And the white stuff just hangs around entirely too long for my comfort level. I’d be happy to *visit*. :grins:

    Tara’s last blog post..I’ve Been Tagged

  3. Okay, you can have cake if you just come for a visit.

    Thankfully booger freezing temps only happen maybe two weeks out of the year.

  4. Bring…it…on…


    Traigalo con la torta y la comida mexicana. Me encanta las montañas y el agua cristalina del lago azul me mueve de la corazón. Sería muy tranquilo, y ademas…tengo una amiga preciosa allá.


    (That’s a giggle)

  5. AWESOME pictures!!! I esp. loved the one of your boys. They are soooooo cute 🙂

    BTW thanks so much for the link to the recipe for that cake. I plan on making it on Sunday for my daughter’s second bday. I would have made it anyway regardless of her bday. 🙂

    Lovely photos!

  6. We’re packing our bags tomorrow! Do you have room for 5 more? Between our 2 families we’d only have 7 boys. Better make a second cake.

    Danielle & Jeff

    Danielle’s last blog post..Dadsense

  7. Hello! I like your blog so much! These photos are simply amazing.

    I am a Christian also and I should join you in praying for your mom in law. God bless you and your boys, including The Pastor.

    HotMomma’s last blog post..Fun in Wa’er!

  8. One reason NOT to live there…no ocean!! But I will come for the cake and cute boys and also cause I’d really love to visit your neighbours too!

  9. Dude, we are on our way and guess what, I have a HOT Pastor but we call him The Rev!!! Love the pics, especially that cake!

  10. Ok – this is your favorite bro-in-law not SisSandy . We must make that cake when you come to CA this summer!!!

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