I have to step out of my normal, light hearted way of writing to ask you all to pray for my Mother in Law. She has battled cancer off and on for the last 28 years. She had her first battle with breast cancer 28 years ago, had a single mastectomy and chemotherapy. Then just before I went out to meet them for the first time, just about 6 months after meeting The Pastor for the first time, she was diagnosed with cancer in a lymph node. It was in fact relocated breast cancer cells. Over the last few years despite treatments the breast cancer  cells have appeared on her bones as well, with counts increasing and decreasing by degrees while going off and on various forms of chemo.  She has fought this stuff off and on for the past 13 years in this manner, with very few uneventful years. You can only imagine how chemotherapy wreaks havoc on ones body when put into it for that amount of time. Her system is severely weakened.

For the past week or so she has had fluid accumulation on her lungs, heart and in her feet. Her oxygen levels were very low so she was put on oxygen full time at home. Yesterday she went in for a doctor’s appointment to see about draining the fluid off of her lungs and they decided to hospitalize her right then. They drained several CCs of fluid, gave her a few units of blood, intubated her and she is now in an induced coma.

If you could be praying for her, it would be much appreciated. God is faithful and she is as ready as she’ll ever be to meet Jesus but I know that she would also very much like to continue living to see her Grandchildren grow up. Please pray for her and her husband, for my husband and his brother as they wait and pray, for the doctors and for peace with God’s sovereign choice.

21 thoughts on “Will you pray?

  1. Absolutely I will pray for her, and for your entire family. I know this must be a hard time. Recoveries happen, and they happen often.

    God bless,

    Jubilee on Earth
    (dot com)

  2. Thank you all for all the prayers. I will keep you all posted… I think they plan to bring her out of the coma tomorrow to see how she fares. We live quite far away from them so there is nothing we can do but wait and pray. This isn’t easy for the kids but they are handling it really well so far. They’ve known for a long time that she’s been sick but I know they didn’t realize what it could mean.

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