Before I start writing I want to first say thank you to everyone for the prayers on behalf of my Mother in Law and our family. We still don’t know just what is happening but we hear that she is breathing on her own which is a good sign. The Pastor is, by God’s grace and through a gift of some friends of his parents, flying out to be with his Mom, Dad and brother on Saturday. Please pray for safety for him, that they have a blessed time together and that I will survive in his absence!

In my evening free time, yes even when I’m feeling yucky, I relax by working on pictures. Have I mentioned that I no longer watch t.v. Like, ever. Pictures are my passion, my entertainment, my hobby and hopefully someday, my job. You might remember that I’ve started scanning old pictures in and restoring them. I just wanted to share some before and afters.

You get to see me as a baby.

nan phone before

nan phone

And all this time I thought I was really just the jaundiced baby of a jaundiced family living in a jaundiced house. Turns out none of us were quite that yellow in real life. Oh, and your parents and grandparents and great grandparents weren’t black and white when they were babies either. You can thank me later for that little piece of knowledge that I’m sure you would have never picked up on your own.

But seriously, it is neat seeing these pictures in more true to life colors. Most of them, I’d never seen in anything but that hazy yellow color. And while we’re all about comparing… would you please tell me whose child this is? He couldn’t possibly be mine… I mean there is NO family resemblance whatsoever.

nan phoneC portrait smile at camera

Okay, back to before and afters…


Nan and pooh bear

And in this picture I discovered something I’ve never seen before.  My sister looks so very  much like my Mom.


Mom and baby Nan2

Then there is…


(Mom’s gonna kill me for this picture I think since it involves a bathrobe and those glasses that I’m sure she regrets now… Don’t be surprised if you come back here and it’s gone and I’m suddenly posting my woes about being formally disowned. Sorry Mom!!)  This one was really hard to fix.

Olsson family (Nan baby)


4 kids at beach

I remember playing under this slide all the time.  It was a fun little hidey-hole.


NanRich under slide

Here’s a whole mess of befores…


And some more afters…

Nan at Grandma Bs house

Mom changing Nan

Nan licking beaters

GrandmaB and baby Nan

Mom and baby Nan BW

Mom and Baby Nan

Grandma and me

And one last one…



Some of them are really hard to bring back to true normal and then for some of them all I had to do was auto color, auto contrast and auto levels and a couple other little tweaks.  You’d think just to look at the originals that they all have the same problem — they are yellow, but each picture needed a slightly different tweak to get it right, or as right as possible anyways.

5 thoughts on “Restoration

  1. That’s pretty cool! The one you fixed of your mom in the bathrobe was amazing. I would have figured it was a lost photo. It turned out great!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I am glad to hear she is breathing on her own. I am going to be gone all weekend so I will check in on Sunday night. (funny how I act like I am a family member. Sorry it is how I react sometimes. Even though we have never met in person I feel like I kind of know you. LOL)
    Your family is still in my prayers and let us know if we can do anything even tough we are far away I will do my best to help out.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Nightly Routine

  3. There’s just something so strange and beautiful about vintage photos. No matter how bad the snapshot is (heads cut off, over exposed, blurry, etc) they’re all awesome!

  4. I may have to come visit you and get some evening lessons.
    I have photo shop, but find it is intimidating and overwhelming. Hubby is figuring some things out.
    It is all those layers — aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

    You’ve done some very nice work.

    Pame’s last blog post..Goodbye Winter, Goodbye Bunny

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